Funny things Joe says...

Maybe he really meant it?.

President Joe Biden made another major gaffe.

Says we must ?keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust,? before correcting himself, saying, ?horror of the Holocaust?
Dr. Jill Biden probably deserves her own thread.

morekaos said:
Maybe he really meant it?.

President Joe Biden made another major gaffe.

Says we must ?keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust,? before correcting himself, saying, ?horror of the Holocaust?
I wish he was still only an ex-?Vice President?

Biden calls himself ?vice president? in latest job-title screwup
President Biden referred to himself as ?vice president? Thursday while lamenting his inability to buy an electric Corvette ? in the latest job title mixup from the commander-in-chief.

?I?m not going to be able to do it because I can?t drive a vehicle while I?m vice president,? Biden said during a virtual meeting with General Motors CEO Mary Barra.
A worldwide sit-com... ;D ;D >:D

'Joey' Biden Recalls the Time He Crushed Crime With an Old Upstairs Woman He Used to Visit
And on Tuesday, the Leader of the Free World regaled gathered fans with a tale of criminal comeuppance. As it turns out, long ago in Wilmington, Delaware, a group of gangs had a penchant for mayhem. But Joe saw to it that their spree was nipped in the bud. The future Commander-in-Chief clobbered crime with that most effective of weapons, a phone number.

?I remember?on the East Side in Wilmington, in one of those old Victorian?three-story apartment buildings. And going up to see an old woman whose name, she?s passed way, but I won?t mention her name now. And staying in that rotunda, that part that stuck out around the building? And she?d say, ?Joey, I know ? I know what?s going on. They all plan it downstairs. I can hear them, but I?m afraid to tell anybody. I?m afraid to tell anybody. The gangs.? And so, I got her so, that I got a number for the local cops. She called. They promised not to identify her, ?cause they knew there?d be retribution.?
The stunning effect:

?The crime rate began to drop.?
And in case you?re thinking it?s not real?in the event you suspect it?s a joke:

?For real ? not a joke.?>:D
He couldn?t have mailed this one in? That?s an absentee ballot I would?ve accepted. How much did this trip cost the taxpayers?

Joe and Jill make unannounced trip to Wilmington on Air Force One to vote in Delaware's Democratic Primary - where the only contested race involves a convicted criminal

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden departed the White House Tuesday night for an unannounced trip back to Wilmington to vote in the primary
There is only one contested race in Delaware - that of state auditor - and in dramatic fashion, involves a convicted criminal
The White House didn't announce Biden was making the trek until after the motorcade pulled out of the South Lawn's driveway
The White House stayed hush-hush about the reason for the trip, but the president revealed it on the tarmac: 'to vote!' he told reporters
Caution, Wikipedia has declared the Babylon bee as an unreliable source of information? ;D ;D >:D

After 10 Terrible Plagues, Pharaoh Proudly Announces Plagues Are Now Down 100%

EGYPT ? After enduring 10 horrible plagues that ravaged the kingdom due to his stubbornness and pride, Pharaoh proudly announced that plagues in Egypt are now down 100%.

"Hey, folks, we did it! I did it! I brought the plague rate down! This is because of my policies. No joke! Come on, man!" said Pharoah in a speech, apparently still slightly dazed from being struck in the head by a flaming hailstone. "We now have 10 fewer plagues than we had just a month ago. That's real progress! For real!"

Several critics pointed out that the plagues of blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the killing of firstborn children were a direct result of Pharaoh's policies and would have never happened to begin with if Pharaoh had made wiser decisions. The king then sentenced those critics to make bricks without straw for the rest of their lives.

The Pharaoh's Press Secretary Kafele Jahi-Psttah echoed the ruler's sentiments, saying: "We're proud of the work we've done in this administration, reducing the plague rate more than any Pharaoh ever before in history."

At publishing time, The Pharaoh's administration touted another milestone accomplishment, as they had reduced the number of charioteer deaths unrelated to drowning in the Red Sea by 100%.
Not as funny as it is totally tragic and embarrassing.

Jackie are you here? Where's Jackie?' Moment Biden asked if Republican Rep. Walorski is in crowd during DC speech - one month after she died in a car crash and HE paid official tribute
?        Biden asked crowd to point out the late Rep. Walorski during Wednesday speech
?        The Indiana congresswoman died in a car crash in her home state on August 3
?        'Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie?' the president questioned during the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health
?          'She must not be here', he said before moving on with his remarks
A match made in heaven…might as well call in the pro to put a stake into your campaign. This whistle stop will be epic….

Dementia Joe will Go to Pennsylvania to Stump For Stroke Victim John Fetterman​

Neither of these men can string a sentence together, but here we are.

“On Thursday, October 20, the President will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The President will also travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to participate in a reception for Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.” the announcement read.