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Thought it would be entertaining to have a place to deposit all the folksy, ahh shucks, every man insightful observations that Joe dishes out daily.  You know the "Thats just Joe" excuse pile. If he becomes our next President then this can just continue as a repository collection funnel that we can all draw on and learn from.  Maybe you heard one today. I'll start it off with this sensitive reflection..

Critics tear into Joe Biden for saying wealthy people were able to stay home during lockdown because 'some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf'
Joe Biden was in Tampa, Florida on September 15 speaking to veterans
Biden said that he realized he had the luxury of lockdown thanks to others
His lockdown was 'because some black woman was able to stack the grocery'
He added: 'Or a young Hispanic is out there as first responders, nurses, docs'
Ohh, he is just such an everyman...we all want to watch them in four years too... ;D

'Creepy' Joe Biden, 77, tells group of 'beautiful young ladies' he wants to 'see them dancing when they're four years older' during campaign stop in Miami
Biden made the comment during a visit to Miami's Little Haiti Cultural Center
His campaign indicated that he was referring to the four-year presidential term
But the remark led to a wave of online scorn at candidate dubbed 'Creepy Joe'
#CovidDonnie strikes again.  Stephen Miller test positive.

That's ten top players, not counting the underling press contacts etc, that have been infected.

Pence just said Americans deserve credit for the sacrifice  covid deaths sacrifice.
What a joke!
Btw - the Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa running for Senate bashed Obama for like two deaths in the US. So if we take that as a bench mark. There should be a freaking bonfire for the US deaths due to covid 210k plus and counting.

Iowa's Ernst has wildly different standards on Ebola, coronavirus

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) on Sunday bashed former President Barack Obama%u2019s handling of Ebola, a viral disease that two Americans died from, but praised President Trump%u2019s response to the coronavirus as cases surge in several cities.

Is this a double standard or what?
My good friends from Iowa deserve better. I am not good in math, but 200 thousand deaths under Trump sounds a lot greater than 2 Ebola deaths in the US. (That is what you call 100,000x.)
Pence is moving around and looking nervous.

Pence and Trump has a plan for health care? It has been 4 years. Where is it? A joke! For example Pence bashed Obamacare saying it was a disaster. But he did not give his own plan.
Pence brought up Supreme Court confirmation. But how about the US senate controlled by the Republicans to bring up the covid stimulus/help to American people and business. No mention of that.
Pence was asked about the affordable care alternative since Trump is arguing against it in front of the Supreme Court. He did give his plan for his health plan. You know why? Because there is not one. There are 20 million people will lose there health care that is currently on that plan.
Pence brought up spy on campaign. How about the guy that he called the waterboy not brag to another intelligence officer for a different country. Also, it has came out that the Trump campaign has inside info about the Wikileaks email dump.

Do you remember Wiki leaks? How many times did Trump thank wiki leaks?
Best punch of the night ?Dems are the ones who have spent the last four years unwilling to accept results of the 2016 election.?...he was disciplined and on point, she smirked laughed and eye rolled ( not a good look). Solid night for team Trump!
Pence looked nervous. He kept on moving in his seat. At times I thought he had to use the restroom. Lol
I think both sides did fine from a debate standpoint. Got their points across. Neither side looked uncomfortable. Won't really sway undecided voters.
Cares said:
I think both sides did fine from a debate standpoint. Got their points across. Neither side looked uncomfortable. Won't really sway undecided voters.

But who had pink eye? Which can be a sign of _________.