Funny things Joe says...

Sounds like morekaos:

Trump Says He Should ‘Get All the Credit’ if GOP Wins, ‘Not Be Blamed’ if They Lose​

The former president wants everyone to know that he's responsible for Republicans' fortunes in the 2022 midterms ... unless they lose:

"In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,"

Now that's funny.
probably better to post that on this thread… people might get confused …More appropriate😂😂😂

Finger on the Nuclear button…

'Nano, no-no. I don't know': Biden struggles to explain chips three nanometers in size in speech at Phoenix factory

· Biden mangled an explanation of nano semiconductors during Tuesday remarks

· 'Three nano chip – chips that are three nano, you know what I'm saying,' Biden said at plant being completed by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

· 'Nano, no-no, I don't know,' he added, laughing about his mangled comment

· Biden was in Arizona pushing his investment in semiconductors and job growth

Liberals love virtual signaling and buying Tesla's and help make Elon one of the richest guys in the world..the irony lol.
He’ll be here every night till 2024…remember to tip your waitresses….

In the firing line again: Biden lies again about the number of times he's visited Afghanistan and Iraq - and claims his uncle won a Purple Heart in World War II when NO such record exists

· President Biden has once again claimed he has been to Afghanistan and Iraq '38, 39 times, twice as president' - when the true number is closer to 21

· His last visits were to Iraq in 2016 and Afghanistan in 2011 - long before he was elected

· Speaking to veterans in Delaware he also bizarrely claimed he awarded his uncle, Frank Biden, a Purple Heart for WWII service when he became VP in 2008

· But his uncle died almost a decade before the 2008 election in 1999

· There have been no news articles about Frank Biden's medal, and his name does not appear on a list of recipients held by the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
…it’s the uniform that confused him…😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

Moment Biden confuses a uniformed member of the Salvation Army for the Secret Service during his visit to El Paso migrant center telling him: 'I spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and Ukraine'

· Biden was on his first diplomatic trip to the Mexican border in El Paso on Sunday

· He was introduced to a member of the Salvation Army standing in a uniform

· The President leaned in and told him he'd spent time with the Secret Service
…and comedy ensues…😂😂😂

SECOND batch of Biden classified documents found at a another location: White House faces even more questions - after Karine Jean-Pierre refused to say if there was an investigation into other stashes of sensitive files​

Wait... when Trump did this where was the outrage from morekaos?

I think this is bad for both of them... and it's interesting that this was done prior to the midterms but not revealed until after.

Documents gonna documents...
It just gets better and better…😂😂😂😂

Biden team informs DOJ of third classified document discovery​

President Joe Biden's personal counsel informed the Justice Department of a third classified document discovery Thursday morning.

The finding came at Biden's personal residence in Wilmington, Delaware, and follows two other classified batches from his vice presidential days that were flagged last year, Attorney General Merrick Garland revealedThursday.

It was a tossup on where to post this jewel…Snowflake or Dumb Biden gaffs?...I flipped a coin..

Biden Marks MLK Day by Ridiculously Suggesting Car Insurance Racist

“If you live in one of those neighborhoods and you have the same exact car I have in the other neighborhood, you pay more for your insurance than that side. No basis for it! None at all other than you’re black, and I’m white.”

I don’t know anything about Joe’s hypothetical neighborhoods, but I do know a thing or two about how risk management rates factor into insurance premium calculations. As anyone who’s sold insurance knows, premiums are higher or lower based on relative risk management. In the case of car insurance, the higher the demonstrated risk of a vehicle being stolen or wrecked, the higher the premium. The converse is true, as well.

Biden pretty much applied his same “logic” to home values:

“You know if you build, in the last 25 years, if you build a housing development on one side of an interstate highway and you built the same one on the opposite side and one is predominantly black and the other is predominately white, guess what?

The value of the exact same home built by the exact same builder is more valuable on the white side of that highway than the [black] side. That’s a fact.”

is it a fact? Biden didn’t back up his “fact” with facts. I only know this: The value of goods on the market is driven by what people are willing to pay for those goods, based in part on the supply and demand for similar products — including homes — regardless of the color of people buying or selling those products.

Like i always said, they all do it. Obama has some too. Makes Marilago
As irrelevant as I always said it was. Now, if a Presidents son used those docs for illegal business uses…that’s another story….and is.😳😆😆😆