Congress Elections

Great Monty Python.

Bad response.

I'm actually interested in your take on why the red wave failed since you were so utterly convinced it would happen.

But if you're real answer is "I was wrong" than that's it.

I thought Republicans would do better as that's what usually happens during midterms but I think the calls for "red wave" may have backfired. People not wanting that to happen who would probably not really vote during midterms may have come out to prevent it. Especially with some parties still claiming election fraud... which is not a good look... it's a sore loser position.

It will be interesting to see what Trump announces this week but if the Congress Elections are any indication, people are growing tired of the polarization. I think it was someone on Fox News who said that this is the lowest approval rating for a president, bad economic conditions and bunch of other stuff yet the opposing party couldn't get an outright victory... that's telling.
AG William Barr said there was NO ELECTION FRUAD during 2020 election cycle and Ivanka agreed with him.

The repubs gotta make a decision if they wanna court their extremists Q Anon retards or bring back the moderates.

After this election it looks like the repubs should have returned to the middle. It's true that trump helped DeSantis, but it looks like trumps usefulness to the repubs is @ an end.

I am expecting more stories about evil trump from all news sources in the coming days as even repub run news sites try to get rid of him and push up desantis.
Nancy is right, this won?t pass and will be struck down but not until after the midterms. Blatant attempt at vote buying.
Nancy Pelosi Says Biden ?Does Not? Have The Power To Cancel Student Loan Debt
But it didn’t prevent the fools from biting… Now they won’t get the payoff for the bribe but we’re past elections so who cares?

Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Nationwide

The U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a nationwide injunction pending appeal against President Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness program Monday, adding to previous legal action blocking the plan.
The program seeks to forgive $10,000 in federal student loan debt for individuals with incomes under $125,000 and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients, with the Biden administration claiming it had the authority to institute the program under the HEROES Act of 2003 and an emergency situation sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and South Carolina had filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in late September over the program, and the court issued a stay on the debt cancellation last month before granting an emergency motion for the injunction Monday.
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Unsure how I feel about this student loan forgiveness.

I do think this should have probably been voted on at the state level.
I would have been ok with the forgiveness if they actually tried to reign in college costs. But they did not even attempt to do that. Glad it didn’t work out.
Told ya…Blatant and intentional vote buying foisted on the dumbest generation…It worked..

Court REJECTS Biden's student loan forgiveness plan: President suffers another setback in bid to kick start massive debt relief

· Biden was handed another setback in bid to forgive billions in student loan debt

· New Orleans-based federal appeals court decided against granting a stay on a ruling to stop Biden's debt relief plan from being implemented

· About 26 million Americans applied for student loan forgiveness, and DOE already approved 16 million requests before the plan was put on pause

· Biden wants to forgive at least $10,000 for borrowers making under $125,000

· Estimates project that the program would cost taxpayers $400 billion

· Plan has been caught up in legal battles since it was introduced in August

Nancy is right, this won?t pass and will be struck down but not until after the midterms. Blatant attempt at vote buying.

Nancy Pelosi Says Biden ?Does Not? Have The Power To Cancel Student Loan Debt
Told ya…but the bait got swallowed by the dumbest generation. They knew when they did it that it that they could never deliver…

Supreme Court strikes down Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

The court's conservative majority ruled that the administration needs Congress' endorsement before undertaking so costly a program​

Bought more votes dangling pot legislation too and that completely died after the midterms as well. Then there is the reparations Newsom thought was a bright idea to explore.