Congress Elections

Doesn't matter, a five vote majority in the house coupled with a 50/50 split in the senate will lead to little legislation.  Dems thwarted Trump with less and the Repubs blocked Obama easily.  No major tax hikes, no major re regulation, no major treaties and no Green New Deal...the game goes on.  ;D >:D
eyephone said:
Breaking News: US Capitol on lockdown due to protest, Trump protesters break barriers

Pelosi - asked for help from the defense department for more security and the defense department denied that request. The Virginia governor is sending the National Guard for support.
Trump supporters (with Trump Flags) are in the chambers of the US Senate per News feed of NBC News.
morekaos said:
Nothing wrong with "mostly peaceful protests", right? >:D

Peaceful? They stormed the US Senate floor, there are pictures occupying office of US Congress with their feet on the desk.

Per news feed, FBI has been deployed, homeland scrutiny, metro Police on the way!
Trump still claiming election fraud without evidence.

morekaos? Where is the smoking gun? I would ask starman but he's ignoring me.
irvinehomeowner said:
morekaos said:
Not at all...looks like any other protest these days.

Name the recent protests where they broke into the capital, stormed the house floor, shot a person and ransacked officials' offices.

Nothing more to see...move along.
Good Republicans need to stand up, align with Dems and call for censure and tossing Ted Cruz and the likes the out and try them for sedition.

They can use pretty words but their is no believe BS, they know they're full of it and just like Nuremburg, not actually saying it while clearing intending it is guilt.