Is Netflix going to die in the next year?

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"FORTUNE FAVOR THE BRAVE",,,,,this is when the KING get up and dance....

Peak at 695 ----- currently 225. Is this the low? Have we hit the floored?

My spidy senses tell me, we just getting started.

This is a trend worth watching...

So if anyone remembers... back when streaming first started... people were like... oh... every studio should make their own streaming service instead of licensing to Netflix (and I explained the whole infrastructure cost and lack of market).

But then everyone did... Plus here, Peacock there, Stream whatever everywhere.

Problem was not enough revenue for these streams because not everyone can charge $20+ for limited content so it cost more than it was worth... and now what are they doing? Closing, selling, consolidating and combining.

There are only going to be a few left standing in the next few years... and Netflix should still be there if they are smart. Hulu/Disney/ESPN is the other I would bet on because that's quite a bit of content... everyone else is going to have to partner up or combine (like HBO and Discovery).

Live TV streamers is where it's interesting. Still quite a few players but the cost is approaching cable TV costs so that's not going to keep playing well down the road.
Streaming, like Amazon, really started as a way to dodge paying for it. For Amazon, it was cheaper and no taxes. For Napster, well, just stolen.

Content is surprisingly costly to produce when it's done in formal production.

Ultimately the question becomes will GenZ eventually tire of amateur JackAss knockoffs and influencer pimps. Will they be content with piecemeal unsubstantiated content or will the flotsam push them back to regulatory oversight?

I highly doubt the later based on content I see in other countries. (Or our own rural media markets)
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No way... I enjoying freedom from my Cox overlords.

(softball post for qwerty!)
We cut the cable cord last month, but still have Cox for them interweb services. Our AppleTV has worked like a champ to still get shows and info we want. If I need local news I use the KTLA app within AppleTV (or some other local TV outlet's app) and am fully up to date. Most of the news we want comes from NHK or BBC, and none from the 3 letter legacy US "news" reporters (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) YouTube has pirated Jeopardy episodes so really not missing out on anything other than that warm and fuzzy feeling I used to get sending $200+ every month to Cox for their Cable TV products (Sarc, of course)
Netflix Inc’s (NASDAQ:NFLX) stock shot higher Thursday on reports indicating the company's ad-supported subscription tier has nearly 5 million global monthly active users.

According to a report from the Verge, the company disclosed the ad-tier subscription metrics during its 2023 Upfront Presentation. Executives from Netflix called the early signals “promising” and said engagement on the ad-based tier mirrored engagement on Netflix’s traditional streaming platform. The number of monthly active users for the ad-tier is crucial as it could determine the price that Netflix is able to charge for ads on its service.

Netflix’s new tier also opens the door at a cheaper price point for users that may have been priced out in the past. Netflix with ads cost only $6.99 a month, which is about $3 cheaper than its most basic ad-free subscription.
I wonder if the strategy is "eh... only $3.00 more for no ads? I'm in for the ad-free deal!" which could be more cash to the mothership than what the ads are providing. Q3's financials will be an interesting read.
NFLX sure is doing well. I'm glad I kept it.

I rode it from 360 to 190 and now back over 400...what a silly stock.
Password sharing crackdown increased subs. Also adding pay to share option upped revenue. Ad supported tier will also bring in more revenue.

Did morekaos pan NFLX too? He has reverse Midas touch. :)