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A federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Florida lawyer who claimed Trump should be banned from the 2024 ballot for inciting an insurrection.

The legal theory is based on Section 3 of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment which states public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the US may be disqualified from public office.
There is currently a 4-way race for President in the general election and Trump is leading:


Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom has been licking his chops for months, hoping Biden drops out or drops dead. But now another Democrat has announced he will attempt to primary Biden due to dismal polling numbers:

Who is Dean Phillips?​

While Phillips’s political views are broadly aligned with those of Biden, Phillips has for months called on Biden to allow another Democrat to lead the Democratic ticket in 2024.

In an interview with CBS News airing Friday, Phillips said he has studied polling and is concerned about how Democrats would perform in another matchup between Biden and former president Donald Trump, who is the clear polling leader for Republicans.

“I’m representing what I believe to be the majority of the country that wants to turn the page,” Phillips said recently on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Phillips has also expressed concerns about Biden’s age and potential for health problems.

“God forbid the president has a health episode or something happens in the middle of a primary,” Phillips said in an interview with The Post earlier this year.

The Boy King is visiting his overlord to seek guidance…what a d-bag🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂🦄🌈

Newsom’s visit underscores electric car reality: China holds the keys to battery industry​

When it comes to California’s efforts to tackle climate change, China and California are linked in a critical way: The world’s most populous country processes the vast majority of rare metals needed for electric car batteries.

This week Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is touring China with an emphasis on the environment, namely on how California and China can cooperate on climate.
They are laying the ground to jettison the Biden/Harris Neutron bomb…😳😂😂😂

It's very late to change horses; a lot will happen in the next year that no one can predict & Biden's team says his resolve to run is firm.
He's defied CW before but this will send tremors of doubt thru the party--not "bed-wetting," but legitimate concern.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) November 5, 2023

Yes, there also is risk associated with changing course now, as there is little time left for a primary campaign--and campaigns are how we test candidates. (Re @RonDeSantis.) But there is a lot of leadership talent in the Democratic Party, poised to emerge.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) November 5, 2023

The @POTUS is justly proud of his accomplishments. Trump is a dangerous, unhinged demagogue whose brazen disdain for the rules, norms, laws and institutions or democracy should be disqualifying. But the stakes of miscalculation here are too dramatic to ignore.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) November 5, 2023

Only @JoeBiden can make this decision. If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it's in HIS best interest or the country's?

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) November 5, 2023

I sincerely hope neither Trump nor Biden run for 2024. Politics and policies aside, Biden is barely coherent and half the country has a severe negative emotional reaction to anything attached to the Trump name. It's a no win choice.
I'm really excited about a Trump victory as it would unleash the animal spirits of the markets Nobel Laureate Sitglitz noted were abundant when Trump was in office
100%, the last year of Biden(2024) is going to be a total economic disaster. He won’t be able to run from it. But from the ashes, like Reagan after Carter, the economy will bounce back. Couple that with falling interest rates and Trumps loose economic policies and you have the makings of a truly epic rally….if Biden doesn’t end the world in between.😂😂😂😂😂🍾
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they’re starting to sweat, let’s hope history repeats…🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂

The reality is that everyone smart and dumb knows the Biden presidency has been just fine. These very same people know that the Trump shit parade was and is still extremely dangerous. Remember, there is no right way to support and dish out something that you know is wrong. Also remember that political ideology is dumb.
What was dangerous about Trump policies? No hyperbole please - your handle implies you're capable of analytical reasoning. Are you one of those that derisively and ignorantly refer to supply side economics as trickle down economics? Please enlighten us while explaining how consumer goods prices inflated to levels that are now permanent irrespective of the dy/dx of inflation is representative of a successful administration.
Your tone is completely serious, which means you really are that stupid.

So considering you really are that stupid, now you vote for Trump, right?
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Man are you gonna freak if he becomes president again…it will be fun to watch😂😂😂
If Trump gets re-elected, which is very possible, it will be Kaos! But the American system did not break or fail (although it bent and is still bending), and I know it will make it through another Trump presidency.

Another point: we have been in a social civil war since around 2016. If Trump wins, this civil war will become more physical, which will be pretty bad. Nevertheless, the American system of government will prevail and continue. This isn't going to reach the extent of Nazi Germany (although the social psychology is extremely similar).

Final point: you, Morekaos, are the real deal. Starman is the hotdog flavored water coming out of your chocolate starfish. And finally, OCtoSV has revealed himself to be a total moral and ethical POS (who was afraid to compete in hs and college).
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