Orchard Hills - Capella by Taylor Morrison

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Sq ft wise these match up well with Arcadia, biggest negative is toll road proximity.  I'm guessing 50k over Arcadia pricing, don't forget HOA will be a good chunk with the guard gate.  Remember your home will be sound insulation for Trevi and Amelia :)
It was very quiet.  I forgot to check the location relative to the toll road but since I couldn't see the toll road I believe Capella is at higher elevation. 

More tease, got some renderings of another elevation, and some non-white people in the pics.  Still waiting for the asian grandma pic for the FCB crowd.  So we're looking at sub 4000 sq ft lots (http://www.talkirvine.com/index.php/topic,10941.msg211357.html#msg211357) with homes around 3000 sq ft.  Where's the view?
I posted these in the main Orchard Hills thread but I'll post it here too. This is a rendering of Capella.

I'm hoping the floorplans for Capella will be a lot better than the ones at Quinterra in PS.  Those plans are REALLY BAD!
OCAgentGold said:
These floor plans are looking a lot more like the ones they built when they were Taylor Woodrow.

Do you have floorplans for these homes in OH or are you just guessing?
ps9 said:

Would you spend $1.4 million for this?  Except it would be at Orchard Hills, with a deck off the master bedroom, conservatory and CA room together, and instead of jack/Jill bath, each secondary bedroom will get their own.  A view and 6000+lot?  I can only hope.

Definitely not at $1.4 million.  TM already have hard time to sell this at $1.1 million in PS.  It will definite sell well at OH's location if it keep around $1.2 million. 

I wonder how much price premium people willing to pay for OH location.  Now you have Capella vs Quinterra, Strada vs Laurel, and Terraza vs Saratoga.