How high will mortgage rates climb in the next 36 months?


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When you have over 2 decades of easy credit and prolong period of zero interest rates, it will take just as long to right the ship.

If we don't right the ship and reverse or change course, on a couple of bumps on the road, then we are dooom as a country, as a leader of

capitalism. These next few years will be extreme, cross currents from many sides of status-quo, and keeping things the way they are to benefit a few

at very top. I hope JPowell, stay the course,, we can not afford zero interest rate. As far as housing, it has been in reccession since June 2022. There

places fare better than other. Everything will get reprice, My optic for housing in Irvine, so far is that it still has too many people that prefer to live

here than rushing to the exit. Housing is a big part of the CPI. Let's not forget, the landlords suffer the same inflation, labors, material, and taxes

has risen substantially,, many did not even able to collect rents during the rent moratorium and not getting paid.
FED to maintain higher for longer, that is exactly the medicine that needed.


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It’s working…

US Previously Owned Home Prices Fall for First Time Since 2012​

  • Median selling price dropped 0.2% in February from a year ago
  • Retreat was driven by price declines in West and Northeast



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FED to maintain higher for longer, that is exactly the medicine that needed.
Actually, the FED's tone today is a lot more dovish that a couple weeks ago. It sounds like they're going to have another 25 bp raise and then no more, as opposed to 50 bp today and potentially another 25 bp in May and June.

The bank meltdown is pretty much because the FED raised too much too fast. Of course, their mistake was waiting too long to start raising rate. They were reactive instead of proactive.


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And yet the 30 yr jumbo can now be had for high 5s....I still think spreads are going to widen and mortgage credit will tighten dramatically but so far I have to admit I've gotten it wrong