Economy and Climate Change

Doesn’t matter since adoption has fallen off a cliff. Again, in the end the wasted government largesse will prove to be a colossal mistake. Trust the market. As for my surgeon…they wear PPE correctly and for only short periods of time…therefore it helps…as for the general population it was a waste of time and resources. Either way a change in administration will sweep
Most of this away next year 🤞🏽👍🏽😂😂😂🦄🌈
More blatant crony capitalism that flushes our money down the drain….🤦🏽‍♂️😡😂😂🦄🌈

Biden Admin Touted EV Charging Company To Support Climate Agenda. Now, Its Stock Is Tanking

The Biden administration held up the electric vehicle (EV) charging company ChargePoint to support the president’s climate agenda on several occasions. Now, the company is facing considerable economic and legal headwinds.
In February, the White House highlighted ChargePoint’s deals with other companies as proof that the administration’s “actions on EVs have spurred network operators to accelerate the buildout of coast-to-coast EV charging networks.” However, in the nearly ten months since, the company’s stock price has lost significant value, ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano has stepped down from his post and the company now faces a class action lawsuit.

Biden-favored EV bus maker Proterra goes bust and leaves a trail of broken and irreparable buses

Proterra, which President Joe Biden once said was "making me look good," sold hundreds of electric buses to municipalities across North America. Every transit district Just The News spoke with, except one, has inoperable buses awaiting repairs.
Across the country, towns and cities of various sizes envisioned an electrified public transit system that could shuttle residents with vehicles that produced no carbon-filled exhaust.
Many of those communities purchased buses from Silicon Valley-based Proterra, which was able to produce 550 buses over its 19-year existence before it went bankrupt in August.
The company announced last month it had concluded auctions as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, and in the wake of its collapse public transit systems tell Just The News they have inoperable buses that can’t be repaired because the company is slow to supply parts to fix them.
Crony Capitalism
Early on, the company’s customers were noticing issues with the buses. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority purchased five Proterra buses in 2019. The company promised ranges of 100 to 120 miles on a single charge, but the authority found they ran as little as 60 to 100 miles on a charge — even less in cold weather.
For a while, things looked pretty good for the company. Proterra’s initial public offering in January 2021 raised nearly $650 million, which was three times more than its revenues.
In April 2021, President Joe Biden took a virtual tour of a Proterra facility, using it to promote his infrastructure plan, which included approximately $6.5 billion in grants, according to the Wall Street Journal, to help replace diesel-powered school and transit buses with electric vehicles. “The fact is, you’re making me look good,” the president said.
That ought to make the government more efficient and will save the world…idiots…😂😂😂🦄🌈

White House tells federal workers to rent green EVS - or take the bus or train: Biden administration cracks down on government staff using gas vehicles on official business​

  • Federal employees are being asked to rent electric cars when the cost is less or equal to gas-powered cars and where charging is accessible
  • They've also been asked to take trains instead of planes if their journeys are less than 250 miles
  • The new White House directive was released Thursday as President Joe Biden has been a proponent for electric cars and Amtrak
More idealism about Unicorns and rainbows auger into the wall of reality…not a pretty picture…the fools rush in…and we all pay the price for the idiots we elect…,🙄🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂🦄🌈

California admits its reckless renewable energy dream is failing

California’s dream of renewable green energy has left the state worse off, and even California Democrats have recognized just how deep the failure runs.

California energy regulators on Thursday voted to extend the lifespan of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant by five years, moving the shutdown date from 2025 to 2030. The 2025 date was agreed to back in 2016 as California Democrats attempted to purge nuclear energy from the state’s grid.

It is yet another admission of failure by California Democrats in their embarrassing effort to turn the state into a wind- and solar-powered liberal paradise despite the technology being nowhere near making that possible. Diablo Canyon alone provides roughly 9% of the state’s electricity, leading even Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) to reverse his previous opposition to the plant and advocate its extension.

It isn’t just nuclear energy that is getting reevaluated either. Newsom went from campaigning to shut down the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility to pushing for it to be expanded. Natural gas comprised about 47% of the state’s energy in 2022, compared to just over 26% for wind and solar combined. This now marks four years of California turning to natural gas to avoid blackouts, with Newsom now taking a more proactive approach to avoid additional headlines about, for example, firing up temporary gas-field generators to keep the grid running.

The Science says.... Shakes majik 8 ball.... Stop breathing please or you'll kill us all!!!

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More money down the tubes and a lot of dead whales to show for it….🙄😂😂😂🦄🌈

Project of nearly 150 offshore wind turbines set for New York is halted due to 'inflation' - but 'reset' comes amid claims the green energy is 'killing' whales

· BP and Equinor have paused the Empire Wind 2 project set for New York

· The companies cited ' inflation, interest rates and supply chain disruptions'

· READ MORE: 'Demonic' off-shore wind farms blamed for whale deaths
Pointlessly hobbling our own economy to no ends….🤷🏽‍♂️😡😂😂🦄🌈

World’s two largest coal consumers won’t be weaning off the fossil fuel anytime soon

· Both countries are the world’s largest consumers of the dirtiest fossil fuel, and continued modernization puts their energy consumption on a rapid growth trajectory.

· Global coal use in 2023 has hit a record high, surpassing 8.5 billion tons for the first time, on the back of strong demand in countries like India and China, said IEA.

· Global coal usage in 2023 hit a record high, surpassing 8.5 billion tons for the first time, on the back of strong demand in emerging and developing countries such as India and China, IEA said in a recent report.

· There are no signs of a slowdown, with the IEA saying coal consumption in India and Southeast Asia is projected to “grow significantly.”|
More Green new deal scams that are falling apart. Billions wasted in the pursuit of 🦄🌈

Sunnova CEO tries to reassure rattled investors after stock plunged 26% in worst day since March 2020

· Sunnova shares plummeted Thursday after the announcement of $100 million stock offering plan rattled investor confidence.

· CEO John Berger said Sunnova does not plan to tap the program to raise capital anytime soon.

· “I’m going to focus on generating our own cash rather than tapping into an equity,” Berger said.

· Sunnova’s market cap declined by $382 million in the worst day for the company since March 2020.|
Massive fail with our money….😡😡

Biden’s sweeping green vision crashes into reality

President Joe Biden’s hopes for an electric-car takeover of America’s highways are running into speed bumps — amid weaker-than-expected sales and uncertainty over how the green agenda is playing in the crucial swing state of Michigan.

And now his regulators are poised to ease back the throttle, three people familiar with the administration’s internal deliberations told POLITICO.

The Environmental Protection Agency is leaning toward approving a compromise regulation on car and truck pollution that could slow the initial pace of the required cuts compared with a draft proposal the administration released last year, the three people said. The change could mean that for the rest of this decade, electric vehicle sales would climb more incrementally than EPA had originally projected.

But the cuts — and expected EV sales — would accelerate after 2030. By 2032, more than two-thirds of new cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. would be electric, just as the agency had projected last year.

The revised approach could lessen the transition’s economic angst for the industry, auto workers and consumers, though potentially at the cost of allowing hundreds of millions more tons of planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution to enter the atmosphere. The end result would still be a revolutionary change for a country where fully electric vehicles made up just 9 percent of new car and truck sales last year.

California Demolished Dam to Save Salmon, Killed the Salmon Instead​

Mission accomplished.​

$500 million was spent to make California a worse place. For human beings. And for salmon too.

Hundreds of thousands of young salmon are believed to have died this week at the site of a historic dam removal project on the Klamath River, after an effort to restore salmon runs on the newly unconstrained river went awry, the Chronicle has learned.
The dead chinook salmon were among the first hatchery fish released on the Klamath since four hydroelectric dams were breached near the California-Oregon border, to allow the river to flow freely again and ultimately help fish flourish.
Kill the fish, help the fish, who can tell the difference.

We’re #1!! Thank you pursuers of..🦄🌈🤦🏽‍♂️😡

California says gas prices could spike 50 cents a gallon next year thanks to this climate program

A nearly two decades-old program to slash climate-warming emissions from transportation could cause California gasoline prices to spike as much as 50 cents a gallon in the next two years.

Their drastic projection comes amid growing concerns about fuel and energy costs related to California efforts to phase out fossil fuels. Already burdened drivers can expect to see gas prices hit $5 a gallon this spring, and electricity bills also are expected to rise.

“I was shocked to see it,” said Danny Cullenward, a climate economist and advisor to the state. “A 50-cent increase in the price of fuel is not a small thing.”
You can’t make this BS up…🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂🦄🌈

EV Battery Factory Will Require So Much Energy It Needs A Coal Plant To Power It​

A new electric vehicle battery factory in Kansas is demanding so much energy that the state is delaying the retirement of a coal plant to make sure the facility has enough power.

The law of unintended consequences seems to be enforced over and over with this debacle….🤦🏽‍♂️😂🦄🌈

Oops, Giant Hail Destroys Large Portions of 3,000-Acre Texas Solar Farm, Residents Fear Chemical Leak

A 3,000-acre solar farm 40 miles from Houston, Texas, was massively damaged on March 15 when huge chunks of hail fell from the sky and shattered hundreds of panels, leaving the facility running at “reduced capacity.”

From the look of the pictures, it would seem that it’s operating at heavily reduced capacity.​

A hailstorm this month has damaged thousands of solar panels at the 350-MW Fighting Jays Solar Farm in Fort Bend County, Texas, “Golf ball”-sized hail fell in the area on March 15, and aerial footage captured from a helicopter offered a glimpse at the extent of the damage

Not only does the storm highlight the fragility of so-called green energy facilities, but area residents are worried about toxic chemical leaks. Needville resident Nick Kaminski spoke with a local television affiliate:

My concern is the hail damage that came through and busted these panels – we now have some highly toxic chemicals that could be potentially leaking into our water tables.

I have a family — two children and a wife. My neighbors have kids and a lot of other residents in the area who are on well water are concerned that the chemicals are now leaking into our water tables.
Creating clean jobs for a bright economic future…🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂🦄🌈

EV Charging Station Company Files for Bankruptcy Amid Failing Market

It Is the Latest Bankruptcy Filing in the EV Industry
©Source: Pinterest

This latest bankruptcy from Charge Enterprises is the fourth to occur in recent years, highlighting the struggle the EV industry is going through worldwide. Aside from Charge Enterprises, other EV companies that have filed for bankruptcy include EV producer Lordstown Motors, EV parts producer Proterra, and Electric Last Miles Solutions. They all filed for bankruptcy in 2022 because the struggling EV market has failed to attract customers on a wider scale.
Why were we conserving again?…oh yah! “Endless draught” caused by “climate change” as the “new normal”… when dummy’s run the show…we all suffer from higher prices🤷🏽‍♂️😡🙄🦄🌈

America’s largest water district raising rates 40%, says conservation cut revenue

“The difficult reality is, our costs have risen while revenues have dropped, so we need to take the fiscally responsible step of adjusting our rates,” said MWD General Manager Adel Hagekhalil in a statement.

MWD also is doubling the property taxes it levies from 0.0035% to 0.007 percent, which on a typical Southern California home will rise from approximately $30 now to $60.

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