Economy and Climate Change

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Absolute zero (zero emissions) plan by UK colleges and other partners:. Take a look at their multi-colored timeline chart. Governments around the world have already begun implementing some of these action plans. (Scroll to the middle of the page for the timeline chart ->

Goal: Closing all regional airports by 2030 (All remaining airports close by 2050)
"French lawmakers have moved to ban short-haul internal flights where train alternatives exist, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions."

Goal: End of gas engins by 2030 (All new cars are electric by 2030 - 2049 and road use at 60% of 2020 level by 2050)
"California regulators agreed to ban the sale of new gasoline-fueled cars by 2035"

Goal: Replace gas boilers (for heating) with heat pumps by 2030 (Fossil Fuels completely phased out by 2030-2049 and heating powered on 60% of 2020 level)
"A state board has voted to phase out gas-fueled furnaces and water heaters in California in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and cut down on pollution. Starting in 2030, all new furnaces and water heaters will have to be electric."

Goal: Growth in domestic and international rail as substitutes for airplane rides and low occupancy car travel by 2030 (Electric trains as preferred mode of travel by people and freight over long distances by 2050)
"As Biden Pushes Major Rail Investments, Amtrak's 2035 Map Has People Talking"

Goal: Consumption of beef and lamb reduced by 50% by 2030 (Beef and lamb completely phased out along with any imports not transported by train by 2030-2049)
"How can the UK reduce meat consumption and cut emissions?" Through meat tax, eco-label on meat, removing meat from impulse buy shelves, restaurants offer less meat, etc.

More info on Absolute Zero UK Fires twitter
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Gas stoves if you're concerned about indoor air pollution causing health effects might increase PM and NO2.

As for green house gases, all the gas cook tops in the USA produce roughly 500,000 cars worth. We currently have close to 300 Million cars being used in the USA.
Well if smith says it….it must be true!….😂😂😂😂

AOC says that gas stoves are linked to 'reduced cognitive performance'​

Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. said a ban on gas stoves is 'on the table' in a Bloomberg interview published on Monday.

Trumka called gas stoves, which have been a fixture in American homes since the early 1920s, a 'hidden hazard.'

'Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,' he said.

Four in every 10 American homes has a natural gas stove.

Electric stoves are awful, for anyone that really cooks. Maybe we should just mandate all induction stovetops.
Electric stoves are awful, for anyone that really cooks. Maybe we should just mandate all induction stovetops.
Try to wok on one.

I love clean air. Big fan. Here’s the kicker, cooking with a gas cooktop if you don’t use good venting, can raise indoor air quality above acceptable outdoor target levels. Ironically, cooking on an electric cooktop isn’t much better.

yep, outside air targets are cleaning than indoor air after dinner.
Check out the new TCL air purifiers - great product and price - handles pet and kitchen odors like my 5 onion stroganoff
No plan to ban gas stove

They are backing away from nothing…The Boy King will probably be next..

Gov. Hochul quietly sneaks in proposal to ban sale of gas stoves, fuels outrage across New York

Gov. Kathy Hochul quietly snuck a proposal to outlaw new gas stoves into the “New York Housing Compact” she unveiled during her State of the State speech Tuesday — urging people to ditch their kitchens’ gas grills and go electric.

The ban would affect old-timers and millennials who are obsessed with cast-iron pans, which are tricky to use on electric stoves.

“This is plain stupid,” said a 70-year-old resident of Sea Gate, Brooklyn, who gave his name as Victor K. “We lost electricity before, during Hurricane Sandy. The only thing we had to heat up our food was gas. What if that happens again?”

Hochul’s plan would ban gas stoves, hot water heaters and oil furnaces in both new home and commercial construction by the end of the decade.

Great, pretty soon we'll all have to use electric dryers to dry our clothes. I hate electric dryers!
Tsk tsk, entitled privileged attitude expecting your own electric clothes drying. Encourages inefficient use of resources. Only electric dryers will be available and restricted to communal drying locations.
Now this is funny…

Wyoming is set to BAN sales of new electric vehicles by 2035

  • Wyoming is set to become the first state to phase out electric vehicles by 2035
  • The move, announced Friday, aims to preserve the state's oil and gas industry
  • The bill notes that Wyoming lacks a charging station infrastructure and is weary of the waste caused by used electric vehicle batters that cannot be recycled