Crime Soars After Democrats Smear Police, Cut Budgets

Another Wonderful weekend in Utopia!?When will this causation be really recognized and dealt with?

Mass Shootings Sweep Democrat-Run Cities During Labor Day Weekend
At least 11 mass shootings have occurred across mostly Democrat-run cities nationwide during Labor Day weekend so far, killing at least 15 people, according to Gun Violence Archive.
Mass shootings have occurred in cities including Saint Paul, Minnesota, Charleston, South Carolina, Chicago, Philadelphia and Cleveland, killing at least 15 people during Labor Day weekend so far, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Most of the cities are run by Democratic mayors.
The weekend?s deadliest mass shooting so far occurred in Saint Paul, Minnesota, represented by Democratic Mayor Melvin Carter III, where three people died and two others were injured on Sept. 5 in the city?s Payne-Phalen neighborhood, according to The Hill.
The Gun Violence Archive defines mass shootings as incidents in which four or more people were shot or killed, excluding the shooter.
Just gonna get worse?.

Crime Runs Rampant In Democrat Strongholds, With Shootings, Beheading Last Weekend
In Democrat-run cities with defund the police initiatives, gun control policies, and illegal immigrants, crime has dramatically increased. While most crime that the leftist media covers at length is done to further their political narrative, much more crime that does not garner the same coverage makes these cities a dangerous place to live.
This weekend was no exception, as crime ran rampant in Democrat strongholds across the nation.
California is not the only Dem hellscape for crime?Chicago is actually worse?

Listen up, Lori! McDonald's CEO warns Chicago Mayor Lightfoot that soaring crime in burger giant's home city is leaving its corporate staff too terrified to return to its HQ
?        Chris Kempczinski spoke last and says the violence has been a problem when trying to convince employees to come back
?        He said: 'Everywhere I go, I'm confronted by the same question: 'What's going on in Chicago? There is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis'
?        Crime is up 37 percent from this point in 2021, according to the city's own data
?        Murders and shootings are down double digits but thefts are up a shocking 64 percent
?        Previously, Kempczinski appeared to blame the parents of two children who were shot and killed in the city in texts to Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot
?        Kempczinski - who lives in the city with his family - pledged to not only keep the golden arches headquartered in Chicago but build a new innovation center
The canary may be singing.

Ironically, it?s not really insurance demanding, it?s their peer cities in that they pool with that are threatening to kick them out if they don?t change.

Some remarkable dinosaur thought in the article from the small police departments that just refuse to change.

In 2009, a local insurance risk pool warned the 60-officer Maywood Police Department in California that it would lose its coverage if it did not enact more than a dozen changes focused on reducing violent encounters with the public. When police failed to do so, the risk pool pulled its coverage, and the department disbanded.

?When the officers had to turn over their badges and radios for the final inspection the last day, it was the most emotional thing I?ve ever experienced in my law enforcement career,? said Frank Hauptmann, who was Maywood police chief at the time. ?When we did our final salute, each officer had tears streaming down their faces.?

For some police departments, insurers are refusing even to provide initial coverage unless they change their policies on a variety of matters including body cameras and chokeholds, according to industry experts.

This was on Nextdoor.

Mailman robbed by gunpoint in greentree around 11:10am this morning. Two male hispanics pulled up in a car one got out with a gun pointed at mailman and demanded his bag of mail keys and phone. Mailman is safe and ok but watch out people? Irvine PD was already on scene. But just wanted to let people know to stay safe? this was all info our sweat friend the mailman told me.

Greentree is across from Irvine High School. If you are anywhere near there, this mailman might have given the keys to your mailbox to these hoodlums, so probably a good idea to get your mail daily until the locks are changed.

The video footage that shames the greatest city in the world: How 1980s New Yorkers described crime-ridden subway in EXACTLY the same way as today's terrified locals

· 1980s news report show commuters afraid to ride the New York City subway Fears voiced by straphangers echo concerns today, with crime up 41% this year

· Politicians also blame press for stoking fear despite worrying spate of violence

· Current concerns are intensified by a terrifying surge in deadly shoving attacks

…and back on topic…

How San Francisco became a crime-ridden 'hellhole' thanks to woke DAs and politicians: Open-air drug markets, rampant homelessness and a crime rate so bad people carry BASEBALL BATS to protect themselves, as Pelosi's husband is attacked in their $6M home​

  • San Francisco's crime problem is in the spotlight following attack on Speaker Nancy's Pelosi's husband
  • Paul Pelosi, 82, was beaten with a hammer in a home invasion at their Pacific Heights mansion
  • The motive for the attack remains unclear, but the 32-year-old male suspect is in police custody
  • Attack was not random, and the attacker specifically targeted the Pelosi residence, AP reports
  • It comes weeks after Pelosi's neighbor was mugged at gunpoint outside his nearby $15M home
  • Some San Francisco residents have begun arming themselves with baseball bats and tasers to walk to work
  • Overall, major crimes in the city are up 7.4% from last year, with assaults up 11.1%
You reap what you sow…even the papers can’t paper over the disaster any more…when you have lost control of even the nice areas….sad RIP for a city I once loved….coming to a city near you!…

Technology mogul and dad dubbed 'Crazy Bob' who founded CashApp was stabbed 'multiple times' in the early hours after extending a business trip to San Francisco: Elon Musk calls to lock up repeat violent offenders​

I am not sure whether the people who run cities like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis understand how close their cities are to circling the drain. The good times are gone. If you can’t reasonably guarantee the safety of your citizens and visitors, and if anyone who enters your city is exposed to people shooting up and using the street as a toilet, it is over for your city.
Running their cities…into the ground…


26 Of Nation's 30 Most Murderous Cities Run By Democratic Mayors

§ A new Wirepoints report has challenged the prevailing notion that “red” state-level leadership and policies are to blame for the surge in homicides and violent crime across the United States.

§ “Yes, state officials set criminal penalties and some broader parameters, but it’s mayors who control police and policing, local prosecutors who decide what to prosecute, and district/county judges who determine who to sentence,” President of Wirepoints Ted Dabrowski said. “Democrats have run nearly all the homicide hotspots. It’s their policies, then, that deserve the most scrutiny.”

§ By analyzing America’s cities with the highest homicide rates, the study found that nearly 87% of the 30 cities with the highest murder rates in 2022 were governed by Democratic mayors, while only two were led by Republicans and the remaining two by either an independent or a progressive mayor.

Shivanti Shathanandan, Democrat Party Leader in Minnesota, demanded that the Minneapolis Police be "defunded!"

Then she got carjacked and pistol whipped by four thugs in her front yard in front of her children.

Karma is a Hillary.

She has changed her tune.
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Shivanti Shathanandan, Democrat Party Leader in Minnesota, demanded that the Minneapolis Police be "defunded!"

Then she got carjacked and pistol whipped by four thugs in her front yard in front of her children.

Karma is a Hillary.

She has changed her tune.
She apparently had time for a selfie after the horrific attack. LOL