Way more prevalent than they tell you…just can’t rule it out….🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

Swiss study: heart injuries from COVID vaccine 3000x higher than thought​

In fact, in a study with only 777 participants with a median age of 37--all medical professionals getting the COVID vaccine–the incidence of elevated cardiac enzymes 3 days after injection was pretty substantial, at almost 3%.

The CDC did a study and from that, they claimed the rate was 0.001%, or one out of 100,000.

2.8% is a lot higher than 0.001%. Another 0.3% had “probable myocarditis,” putting the total at over 3%. That is 3000 times higher than the US government claimed.
Open, Open, Open...

Coronavirus: Why kids aren?t the germbags, and grownups are
As school districts sweat over reopening plans, a growing body of research suggests young children are unlikely to transmit COVID-19 virus. They get it from us.

As schools contemplate reopening amid rising COVID-19 cases, an awkward truth is emerging: Adults are the problem, not our kids.

For months, we?ve kept children carefully isolated, pleading with them to behave, wear masks, wipe their boogers and not hug Gram and Grandpa. We?ve assumed this new virus acts just like the flu and common cold ? so classrooms full of kids would create one giant cootie colony.

But a growing body of research suggests young children aren?t responsible for most viral transmission.
Well that is a change of tune but what I have said for years…

Got a cold, runny nose, the sniffles? No worries! Come to school, LAUSD says

In a reversal from recent pandemic-era school years, Los Angeles schools Supt. Alberto Carvalho is urging students to come to school sick — at least if they are just a little sick — to combat high rates of absences that officials fault for harming mental health and holding back learning.

Carvalho’s message had support from a local pediatrician who is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Kids will get many mild illnesses throughout the school year and — just as I always said prior to the pandemic — if we kept kids home every time they had the sniffles, they’d miss too much school,” said Dr. Tanya Altmann, a Calabasas pediatrician. “Of course the pandemic changed things the past two years, but now that the serious threat of severe illness with COVID has passed, we need to get back to keeping kids in school and not being afraid of every cough and sneeze.”
My wife's school district is seriously cracking down on unexcused absences going forward. Every missed day is $$$ that the school doesn't get.

A lot of families like to take 2-3 week trips to Mexico and do "independent study" but that won't fly any more. Two years ago the parents had to protest the district office to get the school to reopen, now the school is going to punish parents if they keep their kids away.
Throw them in jail…from one extreme to the other…🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

Missouri court says parents can be jailed if kids miss too much school

JEFFERSON CITY — Parents who don’t send their kids to school on a regular basis could be sentenced to jail, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

Acting on a case involving two parents from Lebanon, the court said school officials were within their rights to take two single mothers to court after their children missed more days of school than was allowed under district policy.

In deciding the case, the court said school attendance laws are not unconstitutionally vague and that evidence existed that the parents “knowingly failed to cause their children to attend school on a regular basis after their children were enrolled.”
Parents can be jailed in California for chronic truancy. My wife usually has a parent or two every year that get referred to truancy court, but it serves as more of a wake up call than a real punishment. I doubt that any have been locked up, but it could lead to child protective services taking an interest.

My understanding is that California makes it easy to opt out of the public schools and homeschool (if parents are able to) so I give them credit for that.
Looks like a pandemic of the vaccinated…😳😂😂😂

Vaccinated Outbreak at CDC Conference Bigger Than Reported​

The COVID-19 outbreak among vaccinated people that broke out at a conference held in April by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was bigger than disclosed, according to files obtained by The Epoch Times.

After the outbreak took place, the CDC reported results from surveys sent to attendees.

While the CDC said that 181 respondents reported testing positive for COVID-19, that number was actually 183, according to the newly obtained files.

The public health agency also failed to disclose that hundreds of attendees didn’t get tested; some 601 attendees who responded to the survey said they didn’t get tested for COVID-19, the files show, including 34 who reported experiencing COVID-like symptoms, being ill, or both.

Relatives I know who have gotten all previous boosters are probably going to skip this one.

I'll probably still get it because I want Bill Gates to be able to track me and it helps my 5G signal.
Turns out Sweden had the right idea...hmmm...

Lockdown-free Sweden is seeing a 'very positive' downward trend in cases, country's coronavirus expert reveals as he dismisses wearing masks on public transport as 'pointless'

Anders Tegnell said the curve of new coronavirus cases was coming down
Tegnell is also continuing to play down the effectiveness of masks on transport
Sweden recorded only 1,716 new cases last week, down from 9,094 a month ago
Large gatherings were banned along with visits to nursing homes, but primary schools stayed open even in hard-hit Stockholm.
While countries including the UK have abandoned their initial scepticism about masks to order their use in shops and public transport, Sweden has again proved an outlier.
Tegnell says that 'we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,' according to Bloomberg.
Like I say about Toyota…Sweden had it right from the start….and as I predicted…now there is proof…🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

Covid lockdowns were NO more effective than Swedish-style softer approach, major Oxford University-backed study suggests

· Researchers made model that measures Covid deaths for different policies

· Letting people adapt behaviour just as effective as lockdowns, study suggests

Plus this is disinformation... I already commented on your Sweden insistence previously, just because they didn't have strict mandates, didn't mean they didn't lock down voluntarily and use social distancing. They are also one of the highest vaccinated countries in Europe.

Lies gonna lies.