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Clippers News


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irvinehomeowner said:
eyephone said:
irvinehomeowner said:
Maybe this is Balmer's way to devalue the Clips in order to move them to Seattle.


Aren't they building a new arena in Inglewood?

2024 is a long way away.

How about a potential break the lease agreement? (Like you previously mentioned or something)


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Heh... Clips have more pull than the Lakers and can keep some of their free agents.

Dwight, Pau and even SwaggyP didn't stay.

Hopefully Ball can change that.


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Perspective said:
Griffin agrees to stay - What's the over/under on Clip wins? I'll go with 50.

Whoa.  WAY too high, unless they sign another all-star caliber player.  I'll go with 40. 


eyephone said:
76ers sign Reddick for $23M 1 year.

(A little too much?)

Just a year so no biggie. They want to get these guys winning so adding reddick gives them a boost.