Best Milk Tea in Irvine?

sleepy5136 said:
Cloudy Co is the best for milk tea. I love how there are no lines for this place and all the hype is at omomo + orobae.

I like Cloudy Co also but try the Black Jade Milk Tea (50 or 75%) with cheese foam at Omomo.  That one is my fave.
After months of driving by and giving up on orobae, finally tried it tonight. I got rising phoenix and gyokuro milk teas level 3 and no ice because it?s late and planning to drink it tomorrow. I took sips from both and wow is it sweet!! Can?t tell if I truly like it or the sugar. Have to drop to level 2 next time.
What do you think about cheaping out by getting MAX sugar and adding water....cause u know you can have 2 cups instead of 1?..LOL
I went to Orobae during the recent storms hoping for no line. No chance. They still had 10 people huddled around the front door waiting in the rain.
zubs said:
What do you think about cheaping out by getting MAX sugar and adding water....cause u know you can have 2 cups instead of 1?..LOL

LOL?but that?s just drinking more sugar not tea! I like when sugar enhances the tea taste not overpower.
I have to admit, orobae was good. I usually don?t have the patience to wait in line though so I don?t know when I?ll be able to have it next.

Does omomo have a wait?
sleepy5136 said:
soma tea recently opened. Milk tea isn't bad, but boba isn't as good as Cloudy Co.

Tried it this weekend and really liked the signature milk tea, great tea flavor and boba was good texture.  I?ll def be back here.  Another plus was that 8 hours in the fridge and the boba was still chewy at night, usually they get hard in the fridge after 4 hours.

Anyway at Soma I had the Golden Milk Tea and Signature.  Signature was definitely better but want to try the lavender or chocolate banana next time.
I had soma this past weekend. I got the signature milk tea. I liked it, I could taste the hong cha base and it really reminded me of a traditional Taiwanese milk tea. A sweet black tea, not like shops where the classic is assam or something.
I like the Metal Buddha but keep going back to Rising Phoenix.  Also tried a new boba spot in Lake Forest this afternoon called "Mr. Wish", it's doing soft opening through Friday and everything is 25% off.

I got the Peach Sunset which was ok but won't be running back for it.  Also tried the classic black milk tea and nothing to write home about.  It was a weeknight but they were dead and the location isn't very good - I have a feeling they won't last long, owner was nice and friendly though. 
This time at orobae I had rising phoenix again and tried hokkaido metal buddha level 2. I forgot what I ordered last time but thanks to this thread I had my notes?lol. Still prefer rising phoenix best. Level 2 sweetness seems just about right but I could even drop to level 1 maybe.
Finally tried TP Tea, it's really good! They have "boba noodles" called "QQ Noodles" that are like boba in noodle form. I liked the noodles better than the round boba so will be sticking to the noodles only next time I'm there.
I've tried the regular milk tea and the TieGuanYin milk tea... Both are very good and authentic but I like the TGY better, quite unique.

Next time I need to try the Strawberry Milk Tea 50% with noodles... supposedly this is the best Strawberry Milk Tea in the world.
Tried the Strawberry Milk Tea today. It was a blended drink but it was really good. Noodles this time didn’t have much flavor unfortunately, they were better last time. Kind of weird that this place is in the middle of a commercial district and has 20 people there on a Sunday afternoon. I guess everyone went out of their way to get milk tea here. Wait was quick though, only about 5min.