The first Zombie proof house

Cool stuff.

And like a Zombie...I resurrect this thread.  Now a place to shop...

Florida store specializes in zombie-related items

The owner of the newly opened Zombie Survival store in Florida said the shop carries everything a customer could need for an undead apocalypse.
Kurt Josephs, owner of the store in an Orlando strip mall, said the store's wares include surplus supplies from the U.S. Army and Navy such as gas masks, books, camouflage gear, backpacks, machetes and MRE rations, the Orlando Sentinel reported Friday.
"Zombies get people excited," Josephs said. "It's a craze right now."
The store offers zombie-related merchandise including zombie shooting targets that bleed when hit, zombie-related books, severed zombie heads, table cloths featuring fake blood-spatter and zombie garden gnomes.
"If you like zombies, we got zombie stuff for you," Josephs said.
Now a way to get to your Zombie proof house from the airport...

How to survive the zombie apocalypse: Incredible designs show everyday vehicles modified to fend off a horde of undead

Zombie Survival Series conceptualizes post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies

A London taxi and Royal Mail van are among vehicles transformed into mobile fortresses complete with shotguns, flood-lights and food supplies

Creator, Donal O'Keeffe, created collection using 3D rendering after being inspired by horror films
The safest place to hide from a zombie apocalypse? Cornell researchers say head for the Rockies (but admit 'we're all largely doomed')

Researchers from Cornell University created a simulation of a zombie outbreak using techniques for modelling real diseases
They found that cities would fall quickly, but less densely populated areas could hold out for months
With fewer humans to bite you, rural areas create zombies at a much slower rate
Their advice is to head to the Rocky Mountains
However they conclude that using realistic parameters in their simulation 'we are largely doomed'

I'm heading for the hills...goodbye Irvine

Might be a good time to review this thread....Again, I live on an Island with 3 bridge entry points. Easily defend-able with roving patrols and snipers..we are safe! >:D
Even in a Zombie apocalypse we lose….(even though we are sort of in one now)…

Would YOU survive a zombie apocalypse like in The Last of Us? New map reveals the safest states in the US – and which are death traps

· A new map shows the best US states to hide during a zombie apocalypse

· Data collected reveals California is the worst, while Wyoming is the best place

A new map could be the saving grace for survival, showing the most prepared states in the US - California would be a death trap, but Wyoming seems to be a safe haven.
We are living in one right now….

L.A. riders bail on Metro trains amid ‘horror’ of deadly drug overdoses, crime​

Matthew Morales boarded the Metro Red Line at MacArthur Park as classical music blared over the station loudspeakers.

It was rush hour on a Tuesday afternoon, and Morales made his way to a back corner seat and unfolded a tiny piece of foil with several blue shards of fentanyl. As the train started west, he heated the aluminum with a lighter and sucked in the smoke through a pipe fashioned from a ballpoint pen.

Doors opened and closed. A few passengers filed in and out. A grain of the opioid fell to the floor. He concentrated on trying to pick it up, then lost track, as his body went limp. His shoulders slumped and he slowly keeled forward.

By the time the train arrived at the Wilshire/Western station, Morales, 29, was doubled over and near motionless, his hand on the floor. The train operator walked out of the cabin, barely glancing at him as she passed — as if she encountered such scenes all the time.