Irvine Crime Wave

MTalltheway said:
Yes, but nowadays we have to worry and wonder if justice will be served even if they're caught. Hope the prosecutor will actually do their job.

Sad, but so true.
Are things any different in Red states/areas? Do people get arrested for stealing from CVS in Arizona or Texas?
Should be a slam dunk case for IPD. Turn on Find My iPhone and remotely activate the camera and microphone.
I am sorry, this does not seem to be part of a crime wave. It is a messed up situation for sure, but it can happen any where....
You should follow Irvine P.D. on social media. They post frequently about crime and give updates. Did you see the Community Alert recently regarding residential break-ins? I will see if I can find the photo...
21 residential burglaries in Irvine the past 5 weeks. Watch out: T-Sat, 5-10 p.m.


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21 residential burglaries in Irvine the past 5 weeks. Watch out: T-Sat, 5-10 p.m.
I don’t disagree. Irvine being known as affluent, high density, close to free way access makes it an easy and efficient target for home break ins. The demographics don’t help either (they are more mind their own business kind). At least new home owners got motor courts so they are forced to park in a garage so they don’t have worry about catalyst converter theft or people steal their Christmas decorations due to small front yards or hidden inside a motor court

In that sense Foothill Ranch is a better place, away and isolated, and the demographics are better (more neighborly love).
Yikes! Not a great way to start off the new year--stabbing spree around Culver and Walnut.