Irvine Crime Wave

Irvine is unfortunately becoming a magnet for anti-Asian racial violence. I recall a different example of racist behavior fostered by IPD back in the early 90s when I used to play hoops in the evenings and weekends at Heritage Park (so fun!) - the games got very crowded with many "non-Irvine residents" and on weekends the atmosphere was "festive" with people swilling 40s on the grass by the library. One Saturday morning I drove in and IPD is sitting at the entrance, asking for ID to verify residence. It was never as much fun after that.
SWAT situation in Irvine ends with 2 in custody

By ERIC LICAS | | Orange County Register
PUBLISHED: April 28, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. | UPDATED: April 28, 2021 at 10:05 p.m.

Police detained a man and a woman following a high-speed pursuit of a reported stolen vehicle that led to an hours-long standoff at an Irvine apartment building Wednesday, April 28.

Before the suspects surrendered, a SWAT team had negotiated with the possibly armed man and his girlfriend in the apartment. The couple was suspected of stealing an Irvine resident?s car and leading police in the pursuit before returning to the victim?s apartment and refusing to surrender to police.

Police evacuated about 15 apartments at The Village at Irvine Spectrum, near Irvine Center and Quasar Drives, as officers negotiated with the man and woman,  who was not being held against her will, Irvine Police Sgt. Karie Davies said. Authorities asked people to stay away from the area, and a portion of Quasar Drive near the scene was blocked off Wednesday evening.

The events leading up to the standoff began when a resident of the apartment building called police at about 9 a.m.  Wednesday to tell them his Ford Mustang was taken by a man and a woman he had recently met from Los Angeles County, Davies said. Officers then spotted the missing car near the complex at 12:27 p.m., just a few minutes after they had finished interviewing the victim.

The car took off when police attempted a traffic stop, Davies said. Its driver blew through red lights while speeding on and off of the nearby 405 Freeway.

Police terminated the high-speed pursuit in order to prevent the suspect?s dangerous driving from causing a collision, Davies said. Instead, they returned to the victim?s apartment building, and found the stolen vehicle running but unoccupied in the complex?s underground parking structure at 12:42 p.m.

A drone was deployed to surveil the area and announce that police were searching the area, Davies said. The victim was in his apartment with both suspects at the time. He told officers that they had pistol whipped him and felt coerced to stay in his home, but was allowed to leave when the suspects heard the drone announcement.

A SWAT team was summoned and made contact over the phone with both the man and woman inside the apartment, Davies said. The woman exited the building at about 8:43 p.m. followed by the man at about 9 p.m., police said Both were detained, and appeared unharmed, Davies said. Police planed to take them into custody in connection with outstanding warrants as well as the events that unfolded Wednesday.
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A suspect armed with a handgun and a knife was shot and injured Wednesday night, Jan. 19, by at least one sheriff?s deputy inside a Walmart in Foothill Ranch, the Orange County Sheriff?s Department said.

The initial call was reported at 9:40 p.m., after people inside the store were believed to be trying to return items they had not purchased, said Carrie Braun, a spokesperson for the OCSD.

Compressed-Village said:
A suspect armed with a handgun and a knife was shot and injured Wednesday night, Jan. 19, by at least one sheriff?s deputy inside a Walmart in Foothill Ranch, the Orange County Sheriff?s Department said.

The initial call was reported at 9:40 p.m., after people inside the store were believed to be trying to return items they had not purchased, said Carrie Braun, a spokesperson for the OCSD.

Walmart's return policy can be a real bitch  >:D
iacrenter said:
Compressed-Village said:
A suspect armed with a handgun and a knife was shot and injured Wednesday night, Jan. 19, by at least one sheriff?s deputy inside a Walmart in Foothill Ranch, the Orange County Sheriff?s Department said.

The initial call was reported at 9:40 p.m., after people inside the store were believed to be trying to return items they had not purchased, said Carrie Braun, a spokesperson for the OCSD.

Walmart's return policy can be a real bitch  >:D

Ha ha, there is a lot of truth to this statement.

I am never a shopper at Walmart. Hate it.
Yikes! I shop at that Target. Criminals were probably staking out the electronics department or watching the door. Better be aware of your surroundings if you purchase any high demand/$$$ items.
14-year-old arrested after social media threats against Irvine middle school

PUBLISHED: April 13, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. | UPDATED: April 13, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

A 14-year-old student was arrested after several social media posts suggesting a school shooting would occur were posted online Tuesday, April 12, Irvine Police Department officials said in a news release Wednesday.

The student attended Orchard Middle School where the posts said the attack would happen on Friday, April 15. The posts also included a list of names that police said coincided with students at the school.

Investigators do not believe the student planned to carry out the threats or had any access to firearms.

14-year-old Irvine student arrested for online threat of school violence

by: Sareen Habeshian
Posted: Apr 13, 2022 / 05:57 PM PDT
Updated: Apr 13, 2022 / 06:01 PM PDT

A 14-year-old student from Irvine was arrested Tuesday after posting threats online against his school.

Police were made aware of a series of social media posts Tuesday suggesting a school shooting was going to occur the upcoming Friday.

Additionally, the author posted a list of first names that appeared to coincide with several students that attend Orchard Hills School.

Authorities investigated the posts and determined the person responsible for the posts was a 14-year-old student at the school.

Later Tuesday, the student was arrested for charges related to the posts.

?It does not appear the student intended to carry out the threats nor does it appear he had access to a firearm,? Irvine Police said.

The identity of the student is not being shared due to his age.

Anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact School Resource Officer Melissa Porter at or 949-724-7058.

?Something out of 007 movie?: Mercedes suspected in Irvine burglaries had license plate flipper
by: Nouran Salahieh
Posted: May 19, 2022 / 10:24 AM PDT
Updated: May 20, 2022 / 07:26 AM PDT

Two people were arrested after a Mercedes-Benz believed to have been involved in burglaries was found in Irvine with a license plate flipping device, police said Wednesday.

Police first got a call about the car from a resident who recognized the ?suspicious? vehicle as possibly being involved in several vehicle burglaries that happened the week before, Irvine Police Department officials said.

Officers found and stopped the vehicle in the area of Harvard Avenue and Main Street.

They discovered the car had a device that can flip the vehicle?s license plate with the push of a button.

It also had an elaborate gas siphoning device that transferred fuel directly into the vehicle?s gas tank, according to the department.

?The suspect vehicle was something out of 007 movie,? police said on Instagram.

Inside the car, officers found burglary tools, evidence of ID theft, and stolen property like cash and wallets, officials said.

Officers also found remotes and key fobs that they believe were allowing the suspects to get into residential buildings.

During the investigation, police also discovered a car that had previously been stolen from Irvine, authorities said.

Yasmine Kambour, 37, and Chris Huynh, 44, both of Garden Grove, were arrested on suspicion of vehicle burglary, vehicle theft, identity theft, possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools.

Kambour is being held on $95,100 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Friday. Huynh is being held on $50,000 bail, according to county inmate records.

?In 19 years, I?ve never seen anything like this,? Irvine police Sgt. Karie Davies said.

Davies said the vehicle was seen on surveillance video getting into parking structures and word was getting out.

The suspects have been tied to a total of six cases in Irvine and one in Newport Beach, according to the sergeant.

?I have no doubt that more people are going to come forward,? Davies said.


Yasmine Kambour and Chris Huynh are seen in photos provided by the Irvine Police Department on May 19, 2022.
LA man arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a woman in an Irvine elevator

PUBLISHED: July 3, 2022 at 7:57 p.m. | UPDATED: July 3, 2022 at 8:02 p.m.

IRVINE ? Police arrested a 26-year-old man Sunday on suspicion of felony sexual battery after a woman reported she was assaulted in an elevator.

Rafael Cortez of Los Angeles was arrested at his residence without incident and transferred to the Orange County jail, where he was booked on suspicion of felony sexual battery, assault and battery and false imprisonment.

The alleged sexual assault happened on June 25 at an Extra Storage at 17 Shield, according to Irvine police.

The victim told police she was waiting for the elevator and when the doors opened, two men walked out. However, one of the men reentered the elevator after she got in.

The victim said Cortez allegedly reached out his arm to fondle her chest. She pushed him away and told him to stop, police said. He then allegedly became aggressive and tried to grab her chest and she fought him off. He then allegedly punched her multiple times.

She finally managed to escape the elevator and get away from him on the first floor of the facility. The suspect then ran off and got into a moving truck, according to police.

Cortez was employed by a moving company that was present at the facility on the day of the alleged assault.

Anyone with information on the assault was asked to call Irvine police Detective Mudassar Mahmood at 949-724-7244.
Irvine man arrested following standoff, roommate found dead
Suspect threatened to kill himself, with SWAT called in and neighboring homes evacuated.

By BROOKE STAGGS | | Orange County Register
PUBLISHED: July 4, 2022 at 2:01 p.m. | UPDATED: July 4, 2022 at 6:14 p.m.

A man was found dead in an Irvine apartment and another roommate arrested as police officers responded to a call early Monday morning about an argument and gunshots.

The Irvine Police Department got a text to 911 shortly after 2 a.m. Monday, July 4, asking for help at a home shared by four roommates on Leda, in a residential neighborhood in eastern Irvine, the department said in a social media post. The man texted police that he?d heard one roommate arguing with another before hearing gunshots. Police said the man continued to text with dispatch and provide updates while staying locked in his bedroom.

When multiple officers arrived, they rushed in to rescue the roommate who had been shot, police said. But they found the man dead behind the front door. The victim?s identity hasn?t yet been released, as authorities work to contact his family.

When police arrived a man with a gun standing at the top of the stairs refused to surrender and pointed the gun at his own head, the department said in its social media post. Police sent in crisis negotiators while the SWAT team and firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority evacuated nearby homes and helped the other two roommates from a second-story balcony, in a dramatic rescue caught on drone footage.

The footage from Irvine Police?s Drone Team shows a half-dozen SWAT officers on the roof of the two-story home, helping a roommate navigate from the balcony onto the roof, where a ladder was waiting to help them get down.

Three hours after the call came in, police say they took the man with the gun into custody at 5:09 a.m.

Police said David Bohr, 39, was placed under arrest and transported to the Irvine Police station for booking before being taken to the Orange County Jail.

The events leading up to the shooting are under investigation. If anyone has information, they?re urged to contact Detective Nate Ridlon at 949-724-7494.

Irvine chiropractor charged with sexually assaulting 7 patients

by: Cindy Von Quednow
Posted: Jul 13, 2022 / 01:02 PM PDT
Updated: Jul 13, 2022 / 06:42 PM PDT

An Irvine chiropractor has been charged with sexually assaulting seven female patients and authorities believe there may be additional victims.

Lincoln Esguerra Carillo, 60, was arrested in Virginia last week and transported to Orange County on Monday.

He was subsequently charged with seven felony counts of felony sexual penetration by means of fraudulent representation of a professional purpose, four counts of sexual battery by fraudulent representation of a professional purpose, and 12 misdemeanor counts of touching an intimate part of another person, according to the Orange County District Attorney?s Office.

The defendant worked at Twins Chiropractic in Irvine for about four years.

He treated one patient multiple times for chronic neck pain between April and May 2021, during which he allegedly sexually assaulted her, officials said. The victim reported the sexual assaults to Irvine police last May.

During their investigation, police identified six more sexual assault victims who has been treated by Carillo at the Irvine business between January and August 2021, including a woman who required care after being injured in a car accident, officials said.

Carillo is believed to have ties to chiropractic offices in Artesia, Los Angeles, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Irvine, Orange, Upland, Cerritos, Costa Mesa, Placentia, Garden Grove, Riverside and Herndon, Virginia.

?Due to Carillo?s extensive connections throughout Southern California and extending to the east coast, authorities believe there may be additional victims,? officials said.

Anyone with additional information on Carillo, or believes they may have been victimized by him, is asked to call Irvine Police Detective Nate Ridlon at

Carillo is being held on $1 million bail and is set to be arraigned Friday.

?Vulnerable patients seeking chiropractic treatment for aches and pains should not have to worry about being sexually assaulted,? Orange County DA Todd Spitzer said. ?Chiropractors and other medical professionals are trusted by their patients to treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Instead, this individual preyed on their vulnerability and sexually assaulted them.?
Irvine woman arrested for poisoning her husband



IRVINE ? Police have arrested a Southern California woman for allegedly poisoning her husband.

Police in the Orange County city of Irvine say a man reported Thursday that he believed he was being poisoned by his wife of 10 years after he grew ill over the course of a month.

The man had video evidence he also provided to authorities, police said in a statement. He had internal injuries but is expected to recover, the statement said.

Yue Yu, 45, was arrested Thursday after investigators interviewed her and searched the couple's home, the statement said. She is due to appear in court Monday and is being held on $30,000 bail, online jail records show.

It was not immediately known whether Yu had an attorney.

Yu is a dermatologist in Orange County and attended medical school at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, according to her office's website. A message was left seeking comment at the office.

Providence Mission Hospital, where Yu can see patients, said in a statement Friday that the hospital is cooperating with police and the incident was a domestic issue and has not affected patient care.