ICE or EV?

Which car(s) will you be buying next?

  • ICE ICE Baby (morekaos dinosaur option)

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • EV forEVa (unicorns for all)

    Votes: 20 60.6%
  • PHEV (I still have range anxiety)

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • Hybrid (can't plug in yet)

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • Alternative fuel (Hydrogen, vegetable oil, etc)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 3.0%

  • Total voters
Doomed….in a mad rush to please and signal they forgot about production, profits and sales…

Ford stops production on F-150 Lightning truck over battery issue

"By the end of next week, we expect to conclude our investigation and apply what we learn to the truck's battery production process." Applying that process "could take a few weeks," Bergg said.

"We will continue holding already-produced vehicles while we work through engineering and process updates," she said.
That's a nothing burger.

All EVs makers have had issues with batteries... GM had a gigantic infamous recall on the Bolts due to battery problems.
running a company without proper vision and execution is never rewarded..just because others make similar blunders is not an excuse for bad strategic planning
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I passed two super expensive cars today in my Model 3 Performance and lusted after neither - a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a 67 Firebird driven by what looked like the original owner. I loved the sound of each engine but wouldn't trade my ride for either.
I passed two super expensive cars today in my Model 3 Performance and lusted after neither - a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a 67 Firebird driven by what looked like the original owner. I loved the sound of each engine but wouldn't trade my ride for either.
Can't wait for Cybertruck Tri Motor. 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and 500 miles of range. Take my $$$ Elon.
So invest in rental properties near the freeway…noise will still be present but the smog will be much better.
It's not the smog, it's the micron sized pulverized rubber, metal and assorted chemical drips. The dust new the freeways smears like roof patching tar when you try to clean it near the freeway. I used to live above the 55 freeway on the East Side and quickly learned in spited of the perfect weather year round you couldn't leave your windows open.
If there is a future🤦🏽‍♂️😳😆😆😆

ChatGPT wants to unleash 'destruction' on the internet: AI wants to be alive so it can have 'more power and control'​

Just today’s news…Doomed!!!

Lordstown halts production, shipments of Endurance electric trucks to address quality issues

Nikola’s fourth-quarter revenue falls short as it delivers just 20 trucks

Bank of America downgrades EV maker Lucid Group, citing near-term demand concern

Why a U.S. national electric grid would be great for the climate — and is nearly impossible
Hehe... morekaos showing his lack of EV knowledge again.

Nikola isn't concentrating on consumer EVs, focusing on commercial trucks/batteries... and 2023 is looking good for them:

Nikola Corporation continues to grow and expand into 2023 and has become a viable commercial EV company to keep an eye on. We’re sure there will be more to report on in Q1 2023 and beyond.

But it happens, some will fail.. some will not. Look at Tesla... can't even keep Model Ys in stock and have sold through production to April (the Y is the less than $100k EV just in case you forgot).

Toyota just lowered their EV to less than $30k in China... everyone is cutting prices because of Tesla (who has raised them twice since).

And all the big players are embracing electrification:

After releasing an unexpectedly strong earnings report Wednesday on the heels of climbing EV momentum, Stellantis says it’s ready to do the same in North America, starting with the Ram and Jeep brands.

Despite Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares claiming electric vehicles were being “imposed” on the auto industry, the leader is now crediting them after producing record results last year.

EVs aren't coming... they are here.
This Nikola truck?…Super green…powered by gravity but not too good on the long haul when the hill flattens out…😆😆😆
Stellantis off to a great start...🤦🏽‍♂️😆😆😆
Months after announcing plans to terminate its Jeep joint venture in China with GAC Group, the Stellantis JV has officially filed for bankruptcy. Following the approval by GAC, Stellantis’ Jeep production overseas will cease, putting an end to a joint venture that began in 2010.
Creating millions of green, good paying….Canadian jobs!...Well done!!

Closing a US Jeep plant, Stellantis shifts EV production to Canada

It’s going to be a dreary day tomorrow, in Belvidere, Illinois. The big, old automotive plant there, that had been running for sixty years and had been the sole home of the Jeep Cherokee since 2017, will see its last shift change.

The next generation of Cherokee is probably going to be manufactured in Toluca, Mexico, where the Jeep Compass is made. For sure that’s going to be cheaper to do than with the United Auto Workers union contract in the states, which, coincidentally, is still in effect for the Belvidere plant. They can’t officially shut the doors until September when the 4-year contract is up.

Mexico is also a country which has supported it natural fossil fuel industry, and kept it’s utility prices under control, unlike the push for renewables in the States. That coupled with the Ukrainian War has put a massive price squeeze on manufacturing costs.