Here Comes the FCBs!

Wow. That article certainly is interesting. Nice find, Motor Court. It pretty much confirms a lot of things that have been discussed here on this site for a while and even rumors that have been floating around for years.

Can Irvine become too Asian?: " About 75 percent of the buyers were of Asian descent said Joan Marcus-Colvin, New Home?s vice president of sales, marketing and design." For Pomelo homes outside of Irvine, that's a whopping 90%.

Also, I thought this was interesting:

?After our last focus group, we really wanted to accommodate these changing demands,? she said. ?A lot of our Asian buyers have asked for these features and the feedback from those we?ve shown the new properties to has been, ?You really listened to us.?"

I believe this is the first time a builder in Irvine is openly-admitting to marketing the homes to the Asian demographic. If anyone here remembers that phone interview with Dan Young from TIC several years ago, he was specifically asked by a caller if they are targeting Asians as was suspected. I remember his answer (since I transcribed the entire call) - it was along the lines of - they just build the homes and do not decide who the buyer is. He would not confess to this although through the marketing material and other tip-offs, it was obvious to many. His was a very non-committal reply. Here we have it out in the open now being bluntly addressed by this rep from New Home Company.
Young was playing the Political correctness card. The reality is White has no cash and diminishing buying power. Chinese are the consumers and their culture will dictate trend. Who would have thought from Mao's to Armani suits took less than 2 decades. I feel sorry for the Caucasians for most builders continue to ignore their needs.

For the new NHC if you really did listen then why did you have Craftsman and Arts and Craft as house styles when Chinese see these style as shanty houses.

And how would one addresses the Ancient Indian burial site next door?
zubs said:
I have never been to this house, but can anyone tell me why this house is priced so low?  This is a feng shui question.

I think I know why.

The home is almost on a T-intersection (technically that strip of green belt is directly at the intersection and not the front door)--that would be a a feng shui no no. I am not familiar with that tract but love the view from the balcony and you are walking distance to Irvine Regional Park.
So why is it bad that a house sits in the middle of a T street?  Is it because cars may forget to turn and hit the house?
zubs said:
So why is it bad that a house sits in the middle of a T street?  Is it because cars may forget to turn and hit the house?

I think it is bacause all the 'bad' energy flows into the house like a river but logically with modern day application it increases you risk of having a car parked in your living room. 
The Chinese, now the Russians. Where will Xenophobia take us next? I'm going to call it now, Ivory Coast Africans with bags full of precious diamonds.
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