Experts admit global warming predictions wrong

haven’t you heard? We’re all doomed. It was in the New York Times (notDM) and the UN said it so it must be true.😆😆😆😆

The report, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a body of experts convened by the United Nations, offers the most comprehensive understanding to date of ways in which the planet is changing. It says that global average temperatures are estimated to rise 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels sometime around “the first half of the 2030s,” as humans continue to burn coal, oil and natural gas.
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To where? East coast is snow, storms and hurricanes on the daily.

Everywhere else is too hot.
Perhaps somewhere in Arizona or Nevada. Nothing an AC can’t fix.

Perhaps these tornados in socal will lead to the evolution of basements. That would convince me to stay.
Tornadoes in Socal oh my.
Hmm…the last time a “drought” ended too (not DM)…and we were so much cooler then…nature sure seems cyclical…or maybe circular…

March 1983: The Day a Frightening Force of Nature Rampaged Through Los Angeles

A storm system off the coast of California in late-winter of 1983 unleashed a terrifying weather oddity south of downtown Los Angeles

But on March 1, 1983, something terrifyingly unfamiliar rampaged through neighborhoods south of downtown Los Angeles, destroying homes and businesses, flipping cars, hurling debris and ripping part of the roof from the LA Convention Center.

A tornado packing winds between 113 and 157 mph had struck Los Angeles. It left a scene of devastation usually associated with the Midwest and southern plains. When it comes to natural disasters, Los Angeles is a city more associated with earthquakes. on March 1, 1983, something terrifyingly unfamiliar,113 and 157 mph had struck Los Angeles.
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Huh?…and in the LA Times no less…you trust them, right?

Destructive tornadoes are part of life in Southern California — rare but dangerous​

There are an average of one or two tornadoes per year in the four-county area including Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, and an average of seven to 10 per year across the state.

Finally reffering to it as a cycle, not global warming. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Refilling Diamond Valley Lake, Southern California’s Largest Reservoir

After three years of relying on stored reserves to meet Southern California water needs, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California agency will refill the region’s largest reservoir, Diamond Valley Lake, with state supplies made available by this winter’s storms.

Unicorns and Rainbows…with some Pixie dust..

The Energy Transition Is a Delusion Indeed

The “energy transition” continues to receive thunderous applause from all the usual Beltway suspects, an exercise in groupthink fantasy amazing to behold. For those with actual lives to live and thus uninterested in silliness: The “energy transition” is a massive shift, wholly artificial and politicized, from conventional energy inexpensive (Table 1b and here), reliable, and very clean given the proper policy environment, toward such unconventional energy technologies as wind and solar power. They are expensive, unreliable, and deeply problematic environmentally in terms of toxic metal pollution, wildlife destruction, land use massive and unsightly, emissions of conventional pollutants, and in a larger context large and inexorable reductions in aggregate wealth and thus the social willingness to invest in environmental protection.

But the Beltway being what it is, the fantasists are impervious to reality, until the massive costs and dislocations and absurdities become impossible to ignore. (Witness, for example, California.) Even as they backtrack on their confident assertions that a modern economy can be powered with the energy equivalent of pixie dust, they argue that the emerging problems are little more than growing pains attendant upon short run rigidities, and all will be well given some more time, more subsidies, and more magical thinking.
2018 winter very wet very cold, snowing in Vegas.

I heard on the radio that this winter will be the last one where we have this much snow. It will be dry like 2016 and 2017 for the foreseeable future.
I'll check back on this thread every year to see if the predictions are true.

time capsule post.
Guess not…

Trillions of gallons have soaked California. Is this the state's wettest winter ever?​

A colossal amount of rain and snow has fallen on California over the past few months from a dozen atmospheric rivers: more than 78 trillion gallons of water and counting.

It's not the wettest year the Golden State has ever seen, but it is a massive amount of water in a state that has been beset by drought for several years. The number of gallons is according to data from the National Weather Service that was compiled by meteorologist Ryan Maue.

Climate and weather, huh?…Remember this?…I posted it here just a year and a half ago….climate gonna climate…

Sierra Nevada snowpack could largely vanish by 2040s as climate warms, scientists say​

November 30, 2021
A future with almost no snow could cripple California water supplies for long stretches of time.

Could climate change destroy the Sierra Nevada snowpack?

A team led by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory says the snowpack — a critical piece of California's delicate water delivery system, not to mention a source of winter recreation for Northern Californians — could essentially vanish for years at a time as the warming climate erodes snowfall.



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...another meaningless marker that will just move the goalposts but in the end nothing will be done...just more thoughts and prayers...adapt.

The Planet Will Warm Past 1.5°C. What Now?

The only way of ensuring that the overshoot is temporary is to decisively defeat the fossil fuel cartel.

...another meaningless marker that will just move the goalposts but in the end nothing will be done...just more thoughts and prayers...adapt.

The Planet Will Warm Past 1.5°C. What Now?

The only way of ensuring that the overshoot is temporary is to decisively defeat the fossil fuel cartel.

Go skiing in Mammoth? Oh wait the lifts are buried.
no, fly to Tahoe and get some more global warming gas into the air so it warms up a bit, now that’s helping the environment😆😆😆
You should see the fake financial advisor aka montroll response to the oc oil spill. Its obvious he does not care about the environment or beaches.
He forgets republicans, democrats, independents, and non voters use the beach.
Back in business…drill baby drill!!!

Pipeline connected to 2021 oil spill set to restart off Huntington Beach

Amplify Energy says it has cleared all regulatory hurdles and, this weekend, took steps to resume operations. Drilling opponents say they hope the spill still could lead to tougher offshore rules.​

Save the Whales!!...(not DM)

New Jersey GOP demand a 60 day BAN on offshore wind farm construction after 31 dead whales washed up along East Coast

· New Jersey lawmakers asked for an up to 60 day halt on construction of sprawling wind farms being built off the coast during a hearing on Wednesday

· About 32 whales have turned up dead along east coast beaches since December

· Federal researchers have insisted the deaths are not caused by wind turbines
32 dead whales in roughly 5 months is a pretty big number. Waiting is prudent. In the meantime, the hard left is like....

Decisions Decisions.jpg
John Kerry announced to a large audience that "Even if America stopped using all fossil fuels, it wouldn't make any difference in the change in atmospheric carbon dioxide growth. This is because of all the increased use of fossil fuels in China, India, South America and Africa."

So fifty trillion dollars will be spent in the United States for nothing, except to make Environmental Pretenders feel smug and superior, and isn't that special.

In any event, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere follows global temperature by ~800 years, it does NOT lead temperature.
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