IrvineRealtor said:
My dog is my first child, who came into our family before our two boys were born.
She's a big dog (Weimaraner breed), nearly 15 years old now, and unfortunately her health is failing quickly and she's nearing the end of her stay on this earth.
The old girl is wearing down and it's going to break my heart when she does finally pass away.

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." - M. Acklam

Is she the one pic here next to your beef noodle?

She must be an awesome dog, really hate to see her go. :'(,12985.msg258796.html#msg258796
TLDR: Adopt from a shelter and pro-tip for the OC one, use their website and if you don't see any you like in the Adopt section, look in the Lost and Found section and find out when they will be available for adoption... larger selection and you get first crack at them. Puppies are popular but also much more work than a young or adult dog.
So our previous dog passed away recently (heart condition that was pretty sudden). She was a shelter dog back when the OC Animal Care center was in Orange near the Block.

She was a poodle mix because the family is allergic. Great dog, a little neurotic but ended up well house-trained and low maintenance. Not a very good walker because she was always pulling and had so much interest in other dogs until she met them and would then ignore them. As she aged, she became blind in one eye and was losing sight in the other but still wanted to fetch if she could find the toy.

When she passed, I thought that was it... my kids never had to experience a death of a dog (the previous one they were still very young and didn't remember) and so I didn't think we would get another. But my wife was intent on getting one of those designer doodle types (Goldendoodle, labradoodle, bernadoodle, ramendoodle) but we insisted it had to be another rescue.

A month or so ago, we went to the OC Animal Shelter (the one in Tustin, not the Irvine shelter) just to look since we've had pretty good luck with the poodle, and a couple times we almost adopted a companion dog for our poodle (but she didn't get along with them). Except I guess since Covid, you can't just go and see all the dogs in their kennels. You have to choose up to 2 from their website (or the computer in their lobby if you're a walk-in) and then make a visitation appointment. This is a bit lame because we prefer to see as many dogs as we can in person and see their personality before I make a commitment to see them in a one-on-one situation. We decided to leave because we didn't see any current adoptable dogs that we wanted to risk meeting as I knew one of us would want to take it home regardless.

A tip for using their website, we would look to see what dogs were available but then we also figured out that if you look at the Lost and Found dogs, you can get lucky and find one that will be available soon and could make an appointment once they were open to public adoption.

So a few weeks later, the wife decided we can get another shelter dog and after rummaging through the Lost section we found 2 that would be available to visit the next day... a puppy (unsure what type but small long hair terrier mix) who had an appointment before us and a 4-year old doodle looking one. Another tip, it's easier to schedule at the shelter rather than over the phone. Over the phone they have someone call you back and that may not happen until the next day.

When we showed up at 11am (the first appointment time each day), we were told that the party for the puppy hadn't show up yet and that we could see both. They brought the puppy first and then the doodle... needless to say... both were awesome... so awesome we almost took both and while the wife wanted the doodle one (which was older and probably house-trained already), the kids of course want the puppy because it was a different breed than what we had and he was so small and cute. Either would have been fine but we ended up with the pup. We also found out that the poodle/doodle was adopted later in the day (which is what we had thought would happen), if it hadn't, my wife would have been back there the next day.

I forgot how hard it was to have a puppy. Although paper-trained a bit (wee-wee pads at Costco are the best bargain)... not house-trained and would do its duty/doody in random places all over the house. We hadn't had area rugs for a while because of our other dog and just recently got new ones... well guess where he likes to do his business? Also has to be with you at all times which is endearing... but also makes it hard to put to bed at night (we are trying to crate train) or even leave alone in the house for even just an hour, so we end up taking him with us quite a bit... and because I have that pet peeve about taking dogs into stores (see other thread)... I'm the one usually staying in the car with him. He doesn't go on walks well yet (keeps stopping) but I think that will change as he gets older.

I thought I would not have to worry about a dog again but here we are... and with a puppy which is way more work. And now we have to try vets (were not happy with our last one because of how are other dog got sick), consider insurance and worry about boarding when we are away. But maybe I'll live longer because I have to walk more... although he might outlive me. Made a deal with the kids that whoever moves out first has to take the dog... not sure if that just made them want to stay home longer. If you read this far... you must be a dog owner.
Congrats IHO - my dogs are pretty senior now and as much as I love dogs I definitely won’t be getting any more. Perhaps when I’m retired I’ll get some but we will likely be doing a lot of international traveling for extended periods of time so not sure if it would even make sense then either. Maybe I’ll foster in the future but doing that will increase the chances I end up with another dog. :)

I would recommend Kathy Wentworth at VCA pet point in Irvine. It used to be her practice but she sold it to VCA, however she still works there
We got a shelter rescue kitten for Christmas.... a much better animal than a smelly, disgusting dog.
We absolutely love cats too.. but fam is allergic.

Before the kids were born we had 2 Persians, brother and sister. The male acted like a dog... it was hilarious (would come when called and play with our first dog).

The best thing about cats is they are instinctively litter trained... you just put the tray/box out and they know what to do.