How do we know who is telling the truth?
Why should I believe one guy over another?

Fauci telling me to wear a mask and stay far away from people so I don't get infected when there is an airborne virus sounds reasonable.

In your example it would be like:
Warren Buffet - Don't buy's s scam
Daily Mail - Buy enron it's going to the moon.

Who ya gonna believe?
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Use your own head, critical thinking. I’m in that game, and I don’t believe everything buffet says, he even says he’s wrong a lot of the time. Fauci claimed to be “the science“, making himself Infallible. People believed Fauci without ever questioning it, lots of people here were very vocal about questioning it, and it turned out the pinky promises were right, doesn’t that shake your confidence? Even a little?
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And just because he got paid a lot….you unquestionably trusted this guy? don’t feel the least bit duped?...🤷🏽‍♂️

The Two Faces of Dr. Anthony Fauci

“Most of the time if it’s an important question he can’t remember, but he did admit that you know what, he approved all of the research but he didn’t read or review any of it.” said Sen. Paul.

“What he says in public is largely a lie.”

“But then in public he wears three masks, in private he tells his colleagues you don’t really need to wear one,” Sen. Paul explained.

His many contradictions on vaccines and recommended or banned treatments are grave in that the response to the virus or the vaccines might involve the loss of ten to twenty million lives unnecessarily.

Dr. Fauci is an inflection point in the very poor handling of the pandemic.

Fauci said he doesn't believe children suffered any learning loss due to school closures. I wonder how many teachers (the experts) agree with him?

I can tell you my wife has had the toughest few years of her 25 year teaching career since the pandemic. It's not just learning loss, but social-emotional skills that are lacking due to being locked up for over a year at home. Then, of course, the mental health problems that are still rippling across this generation will be with us for years to come.
It's not 0's and 1's for me.
I tend to believe the guy who is put in charge of the problem to deal with the problem.
I don't believe 100% but it's more than 50%. Who am I suppose to listen to when everyone is dying and the 405 is empty @ 9am?
and my ass can't get that sweet sweet charmin.

Regarding education during COVID.
I notice that all the school ratings have gone down 2 pts from pre covid...
a 9/10 school is now 7/10 or lower.
The 1.5 years of covid lockdown in 2020 and 2021 made kids dumber.

But to have kids keep going to school, and teachers dying and suing the district for not protecting them...
What choice was there?
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But again, numerous people here and in the public domain questioned ALL those policies while they were happening and were screamed down by the sheeple, ostracized and mocked relentlessly…well it turned out, they were right, and the “experts” were at best fudging the “science” or at worst , outright lying! That’s dangerous and should shake everyone’s faith in the fools and the fools that hire them in the future…don’t you think? Had we listened to some of the “conspiracy nuts” things would certainly turned out better.🙄🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏽🇺🇸
There are always numerous people in the public domain questioning stuff. Believe in your expert.

I can give FAUCI a pass because people were dying and it was mass hysteria.
You can listen to the conspiracy nuts and what if it didn't turn out better?
Isn't safety first?
It's up to you what you wanna believe.
I believe fauci saved 10,000,000 american lives during covid with his policies and interviews.
Congress should give him another medal.
Here was a group of highly paid national professionals in their field (also with good intentions) that were recommending keeping schools open in 2020, against the highly paid Fauci school closure movement. Like LL, my wife is also the schoolteacher. She says the damage done to these kids is irreparable. We should’ve listened to them.

Why a Pediatric Group Is Pushing to Reopen Schools This Fall​

Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics encourage “having students physically present in school.” Dr. Sean O’Leary, an author of that advice, explains why.

DailyMail is the expert. 😂😂😂
OK, how about the Wall Street Journal?…😂😂😂🦄🌈

Anthony Fauci Fesses Up

It turns out the six-feet social-distancing rule had no scientific basis.​

Anthony Fauci has never struggled to speak his mind. But now that he has left government, he is finally speaking at least some of the truth about government policies and Covid. For instance, the six-feet rule for social distancing “sort of just appeared” without a solid scientific basis. That’s one of the admissions that Members of Congress say the former National Institutes of Health potentate made this week in two days of closed-door testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Can morekaos jump a shark multiple times?

I’ll let you do the research, but social distancing is a proven method to reduce infectious transmissions backed by science and logic.

Maybe not “six feet” exactly but it’s proven. This was brought up during the lockdowns and debunked. Why do you call in sick or stay away from people when you have a cold? Gah… this is just like how masks don’t help prevent transmission.

Go to a leper colony and show me how ineffective social distancing is. Ridiculous.
I think the "6-foot" part may have been arbitrary, but social distancing as a way to prevent spreading infections has been around since the dawn of mankind.
These idiots never knew what distance mattered. Here’s a “scientific” study that said 30‘….10 meters was the number…Face it, none of it was supported by any real “science“. These morons caused beach and school closings, filling skate parks with sand, business closures and untold amounts of economic hardships….all for nothing….Thanks😡😡🦄🌈

Is one- or two-meters social distancing enough for COVID-19? Evidence for reassessing​

Based on the existing study results, small particles with viral content may cover a distance of up to 10 m in an indoor environment,1 , 5 which could increase the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the workplace.

Science is a process for determining the unknown...early on, the hypothesis was that SARS was in large droplets, which do not travel far before falling. 3 feet was the distance prior studies had determined for large droplets, hence 6 feet was deemed 'more safe'. Subsequently, it was determined that SARS virus survival was not as dependent on large droplets, but could spread in small micro droplets. And then recommendations (better ventilation/masking) were updated.

I'm sure that you will not consider this, but will simply cite some 'conspiracy to deny 'MUH RITES'.
I haven't recall anyone claim they have the exact data behind it from the start, it was a recommendation. Social distance a general practice in pandemic time, was enacted back in 1919 in USA, used in varies time locations and time across the world against on going pandemic.

IIRC, We also knew the initial recommended distance was farther, then CDC had to compromised down to 6' to maintain social function back in 2020. So it wasn't a hard science from the very start. How is this suddenly news again?

On the other note, just because the exact 6' distance doesn't have hard science between it, doesn't mean the general practice of social distancing by epidemiologist across the world is suddenly a conspiracy.

Second, regarding to Wuhan lab. We know that since, 2021 and even before, Fauci's stance between it has always been "he's open to the idea", it's a possible, but not probable. The evidence behind it is not concrete, hence he is much leaning toward natural transmission.

So now in 2023, according to certain representatives, The lab leak isn't a conspiracy and Fauci lied to the public, simply because he restated his stance on it, possible but not probable, behind close door, with transcript they won't release. How convenient.

On the side note, banks, please open up your premium line of credit to me.
I'm open to the idea that I am a billionaire, I don't have asset to back it up, but it's possible it so it must be true.
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I sure am relieved that my family members that had to get the shot got the fake Jessen one…😳👎🏽

CDC Drafted Alert for Myocarditis and COVID-19 Vaccines, but Never Sent It​

CDC later sent alerts encouraging people to get vaccinated.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) prepared to alert state and local officials to an emerging connection between heart inflammation and COVID-19 vaccines, but ultimately did not send the alert, according to a new document obtained by The Epoch Times.

All four COVID-19 vaccines that are or have been available in the United States can cause the heart inflammation, or myocarditis, according to studies, experts, and agencies like the CDC. The first cases were reported shortly after the vaccines became available in late 2020.

Pretty well sums up how stupid and wrong many panicking fools were. We played baseball to cardboard cutouts!!!! Sweet sweet natural immunity turned out to be the BEST…duh!!!
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