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Re: Tesla Cybertruck
« Reply #45 on: December 16, 2021, 04:43:46 PM »
1m reservations... I think it will be a volume sell.

I think all the brands are missing out on an opportunity here... to me, the truck architecture would seem to be the easiest to convert to EV if you don't worry about weight/towing capacity because let's face it... there is a high percentage of people out there who don't use trucks as a truck.

Take your midsize truck, use the below bed space for the batteries... replace the ICE drivetrain with electric motors, don't worry about range because this audience isn't going to be long hauling in a truck and beat everyone to market. All the current truck makers should have a lead for this. Take the Ford Maverick Hybrid, sold out everywhere and asking $5k to $10k over MSRP... the buyers are waiting.
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Re: Tesla Cybertruck
« Reply #46 on: December 16, 2021, 05:15:05 PM »

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Re: Tesla Cybertruck
« Reply #47 on: December 16, 2021, 05:30:46 PM »
Did the truck thing so now waiting for a mass produced E-Type convertible as my mid-life crisis car.
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