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Health & Fitness / Re: coronavirus
« Last post by zubs on Yesterday at 10:18:12 AM »
I understand that as a community, getting the flu shot protects me and my neighbors....but if anti vaccer's can be selfish so can I.

Why spend part of my day getting stabbed in the arm to help my community when influenza cases are so low?
Technology / Re: Tesla Model Y: Selling
« Last post by Cares on Yesterday at 09:43:22 AM »
Used vehicles cost more than new. You might have found a way to profit from this.

25% mark up from purchased price and it a steal.  :)

Why would someone pay 25% more for a used car lols.

Because new cars are marked up even more.

But in the case of Tesla, they didn't mark up the cars but you just have to wait 3-6 months for one. Some people need a car now.
Great idea. I am in.

There are so many real estate gurus online trying to sell their courses on the real estate, i am not sure how legit they are.

I am trying to learn real estate investing myself, and wondering if there are folks in this group who could help beginners like me and many others, who are looking to generate passive income through RE.

Who is with me to build a small group of folks? We could find a time to meet for lunch and/or coffee and learn from each others experiences.

Please share your thoughts. Anyone is welcome to join, please send me a PM. We need a mix of experienced RE investors, newbies and off-course realtors.

Thank you all, have a lovely weekend.

I heard they mostly emit at night/early morning. Might want to check during then
Wonder, just drive to Eastwood at different times during the day in different sections of the community.  Get out, walk around, and engage your smeller.  This is by far the best way to judge, regardless of what anyone says here, on Reddit or Nextdoor.  Your $1M+ investment should be worth a few hours of self study, after all.

Happy sniffing.
No does not smell at Eastwood. I have never smelled it.  I cannot say for every location in Eastwood.

Never trust Nextdoor especially a Reddit link that mentions Nextdoor.  Reddit is a cesspool of information and Nextdoor is even worse. 
Irvine Real Estate / Does the All American Asphalt smell affect Eastwood?
« Last post by wonderboy on Yesterday at 01:26:47 AM »
For residents of Eastwood, does the asphalt smell from All American Asphalt reach your neighborhood?

If you smell the asphalt, which part of Eastwood are you in - north, middle, or south?

How frequently does it smell and is it consistent at certain times of day?

Thank you.
General Real Estate and Mortgage Talk / HOA documents during escrow
« Last post by anteaterscientist on September 24, 2021, 11:16:48 PM »
There is probably another thread on bad HOAs

Currently reading HOA documents and trying to read them carefully.

Also curious what the online reviews had to say about the association, yikes.

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