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Food and Dining / Re: Best Milk Tea in Irvine?
« Last post by hamilton on Today at 12:26:54 AM »
Similar strategy to Costco, show up midweek right before closing

Just went tonight at 8:30, closes at 9.  There was a line about 12 people deep... but moved pretty fast got my drink by like 8:45.   My first time trying it and can confirm the quality of the tea is very good compared to most run of the mill boba shops but if this is what the line looks like on a weeknight before closing I wouldn't even want to bother on a weekend.
Technology / Re: The New IHOmobile
« Last post by aquabliss on Yesterday at 11:41:56 PM »
The 2022 Kia Sedona/Carnival looks like an SUV but functions like a van with a sliding rear door.  Pretty clever the way they designed it.  But ya, you’d be a much cooler dad in a Cybertruck.
Technology / Re: The New IHOmobile
« Last post by irvinehomeowner on Yesterday at 11:33:23 PM »
Not gonna lie... was very close to pulling the plug on the '21 Toyota Sienna... but the cost of the one I wanted was higher than a Tesla Y... or some other pure EVs I'm looking at.

So it's still EV or CyberTruck.
Economy & Finance / Custodial Roth IRA
« Last post by lovingit on Yesterday at 11:21:42 PM »
I just learned about this custodial Roth IRA from my friend who is opening one for her kid. She told me with everyone talking about 529 college savings, this is actually a better and more flexible way to save for college. She said you can start early, there’s actually no age limit.

Has anyone done this?  It says that there are two ways to categorize your kids for earned income from chores.  One is independent contractor and one is household employee.  The IC has tax reporting purposes so I’m not sure why anyone would go this route.  The household employee is what she’s trying to do.  Basically, she’s going to make her kids do chores around the house and pay them.  This teaches them the value of saving at an early age and takes advantage of compounded interest early so they can let it grow and use it for college if they choose to at age 18. 

What is not too clear is how IRS expects her, as the parent, to log pay or work, if any?  If she is going to pay her kids a few thousand annually: 1) do the kids have to do individual taxes (I think the answer is no if they are considered a “household employee”) and 2) does the parent have to report anything on her 1040?
Parenting / Re: Two Car Seats Configuration
« Last post by marmott on Yesterday at 11:21:16 PM »
I found this blog while looking for my first car seat, I think the author is pretty knowledgeable.

Two pages may help:
- Which car seat position is safest–behind the driver, in the center, or behind the passenger?
- Is the third row safe for children, car seats and passengers?

Quick extract: "An analysis of crash frequencies and fatalities shows us that the most dangerous places for a child to sit in a vehicle are likely the front passenger seat, followed the outboard seats of the second row, followed by the outboard seats of the third row.

I’d estimate the safest places for a child to sit in a vehicle are the center third and center second row seats, followed by outboard seats in the third and second rows.
Food and Dining / Re: Best Milk Tea in Irvine?
« Last post by HMart on Yesterday at 11:17:13 PM »
Similar strategy to Costco, show up midweek right before closing
do people like the single car garages instead of a two car garage? I'm seeing that more common in some new builds.

Most people do prefer the two car garage door as it's easier to park larger cars in the garage.
Forth offer in.  Best and final counters going out shortly which will be due back on Wednesday at 8pm.
Parenting / Re: Two Car Seats Configuration
« Last post by momopi on Yesterday at 06:12:07 PM »
My wife is preggers with #2. I spent an hour yesterday rearranging two car seats in the family car. It has 3 rows. Cant decide what is optimal.
How do you guys have your car seats arranged in the suv?

Try visiting (make appointment) your local CHP office and have an officer look over your SUV and make recommendations.
Irvine Real Estate / Re: Cetara Orchard Hills The Groves Shea Homes
« Last post by Coco55 on Yesterday at 06:09:28 PM »
Yes you’re right my husband got the email the week prior.

That was fast. Got the email for the new phase release then another email shortly after that it’s sold out.

They're suppose to send the phase release about a week before and pricing a day or so after.
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