What kind of home design do you prefer?


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Since we've already had several threads on poor floor plans, I'd like to start one on what type of floor plans you'd like to see/buy in Irvine -- this is the Irvine housing blog, after all.

Please be realistic. Builders are not going to give you giant yards or lots in Irvine.

To start, I'll post what I'd like to see:

* Detached condo or house

* 3 bed + 3 full baths, additional loft / bedrooms are a bonus

* At least 1 bedroom and full bath downstairs with walk-in shower, preferably with a raised sitting area

* 2-car garage with full-sized drive way

* Kitchen with good counter space -- I always run out of space when I cook

* Flat entrance area for ground floor -- no weird steps up to front door and steps down from entrance hallway If house is elevated, use a slope.

* Home should be elderly & handicap friendly on ground floor (2nd floor can be exempt). Restroom on ground floor should have hand-bars installed next to toilet.

* More floor-plans with master bedroom downstairs.

Community//HOA stuff I'd like to see:

* Dedicated guest parking area in community, the ones that you pull into and not pull up next to the curb.

* If the community is gated, it should have multiple entrance/exits in case if one gate is broken.

* Community/HOA parks should have restrooms just like the pool area

* Commity/HOA large trash bins with regular & recyclable bins, so you can toss out your garbage daily instead of having them rot inside your garage

* "Greenbelt" design that allows people to walk on green pathways from your home to central park area or elementary school without having to cross the street, or cross as few streets as possible. The greenbelt can be used in lieu of individual lawns in front of people's homes, so you have a "community lawn" of sorts.

* A shopping center with bus stop located within reasonable walking distance

* More trashcans in green belt and park areas with... dog-poo bag dispensers

* Plant some dwarf lemon trees around the community lawn/park areas. Saves me the trouble of running to the market for lemons.

For attached condos, I like the metro-apartment style used in downtown Fullerton by Harbor & Chapman. Say, 4-5 floors with elevator, ground-level & underground parking. 1st floor has some commercial retail space, great if you can put a small supermarket in it. These would be great near rail stations and major retail centers (Spectrum?). Each unit has everything on same floor and not the triple-level condos with suicide stairway that we see in Irvine today. You'd have to deal with some noise from neighbor above you, but for entry-level home it's acceptable.
<p>A three-car garage with a lift, a sleeping loft, a fridge, a commode, and a galvanzed washtub for my baths.</p>

<p><img alt="" src="http://images.orgill.com/200x200/6228399.jpg" /></p>

<p>Oh wait, you said "realistic". Never mind. My inner-child thinks it's a good plan.</p>
I would like to see us get away from the current Tuscany fad and get back to the 18th century San Francisco facades--the kicker would be to have up to four floors (though I'm not sure how legal or expensive that would be, anyone here knows?) in order to save space and land costs, or to have third floor roof decks with fake astronomy oriented accents like telescopes, etc. Just no more orange rippling roofs, rather we would have more roof gardens and the ability to inconspicuously spy on neighbors with telescopes to catch HOA violations.
Momopi --- I would like the exact same detached condo as you described. Nice plan. And I would like to pay about $300 sq/ft for it -- so assuming around 1800 sq ft, I'll pay $540K for that place. Let me know if you find it.
<p>ok. i live in a one bedroom condo, so my requests are pretty basic.</p>

<p>1.bath - wider bath tub; perhaps a window.</p>

<p>2.bedroom - bigger window.</p>

<p>so i guess i only care about more or bigger windows. that way, you can always choose on more or less light. sometimes it annoys me that builders don't add a window on a perfectly good wall.</p>
Since I don't know about architecture, I wonder if it is somehow cost prohibitive to design/build a home with wider doorways? It would really help when moving furniture and appliances!
* No built ins. Media niches, loft desks, etc. Takes away flexibility.

* Windows everywhere.

* Big, private yard.

* A den/office downstairs.

* Parks, off street walking paths. A playground you can walk to without crossing a street.

* Soundproof walls, so my band doesn't bug the neighbors, I can dream cant I? Or enough distance between homes where sound isn't a problem.

* Low density.

* Neighbors who park in their garages instead of on the street/driveway. (pet peeve of mine)
A few more:

For detached condo or SFR's:

* Restrooms should be placed next to exterior wall so you can have windows

* Attics should be made into lofts

* Instead of backyards, I'd like to see side-yards on the living room's side, to increase distance away from your next-door neighbor

* The A/C unit should NOT be placed outside next to the window of a bedroom on the ground floor

* Heavy duty carpeting for stairways, like the ones you see at work. No white carpets please.

* More electrical outlets as standard construction, even in the garage

For attached town-homes:

* Traditional side-by-side construction facing greenbelt and not each other like "courtyard homes" style. For 3 bed units, I'd like to see duplex design with side yards.

* Minimum 2 car garage even for 1 bedroom units

* If side-by-side garage is difficult, tandem garage is okay provided that it's 2.5 car lengths or better.

* Kitchen hoods should have ventilation pipe up through the roof... as shocking as this might sound, some condos built these days don't have ventilation pipes in the kitchen

* Instead of those thin balconies, I'd like to see larger square-ish balcony design with enclosed or partially enclosed balcony option (like a small sun room?)

* Tiles, not carpet in bathrooms, thank you.
<p>*Big, ceiling level windows in the some rooms (den, mbr, etc.)</p>

<p>*Inside, downstairs laundry</p>

<p>*No living and dining rooms, a bedroom and den downstairs instead. LR/DR are waste of rooms.</p>

<p>*Since no LR/DR, need a breakfast area & family room</p>

<p>*Loft upstairs</p>

<p>*MBR downstairs is nice, but not required</p>

<p>*2-car garage is a must</p>
My non-negotiables include:

* Master bath with a tub type shower, or separate tub and shower (not just a stall)

* Parking for at least 2 cars

* The kitchen must view the living room/tv area

* Downstairs bathroom with a tub (for dog baths)

* grass in the back yard somewhere

* at least 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths

My Wants include:

* arched doorways

* ample kitchen counter and storage space (walk in pantry would be great!)

* Kitchen island with sink

* Separate wet bar or room to add one

* Master bedroom balcony if on second floor

* Master bedroom is big enough not to put a bed against a wall

* walk-in master closets

* laundry room (not garage!) with room for extra fridge/freezer and ironing board

* No separate living and family rooms

* I do want a separate formal dining room that is big enough for 10-12

* High ceilings

* big windows everywhere

* master bathroom has toilet in separate small room

* double sinks in master

* Outdoor fire pit or room for one

* room for fruit trees outside

* well maintained community pool with lane lines for swimmers
On a side note, can someone please tell me why my formatting disappears when I post here? I am on a mac. Does that have something to do with it? Thanks!
I'm not sure why the formatting acts up :( I've seen it on other posts and try to fix it when I can.. I'll see if I can clean it up now..