what do you guys think about the orange hills location right behind the orange hills restaurant


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considering buying an ironwood home built by toll bros in the masters location in yorba linda or I came across a deal with a private builder to build two homes about 5000 sq feet each on a lot size of about 10k sq feet each on the same hill as the orange hills restaurant. If anybody is familar with the area,, the street name is wimbledon court. I would be facing a nice tract of homes that was prolly built in the last ten years or so. What do you guys think about the location? I would be saving about 200k on each house and it would be custom built to my liking but is it worth having a private builder build the house over a big builder like toll bros?
You should read <a href="http://www.irvinehousingblog.com/forums/viewthread/4097/">this thread</a> and make special note of the USGS maps and slope stability issues.

Other than that, welcome to my 'hood.
How long has the private builder been in business ?

Does he have other current projects ?

Does he already own the land, and if so why did he not built on it during the boom already ?

What are you going to do with the 2nd 5000 SF house ?