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Vaccine Passport


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Lithuania is about 10%smaller in population than OC.  They are current about 10x Orange County?s covid rate.  They are on a curve that looks like our old Nov-mid Dec curve of 2020, placing them about mid-month Dec.  They are running about 24 deaths a day, just under one per 100K pop a day, about twice our old Dec rate with the deaths from the current surge still coming for them.

That?s with the passport in effect.

Now if you?ll excuse me, I have to go upload my vax status so I can continue to volunteer at my kids school.  It?s so morally suspect that I?m not allowed to meander around unvaccinated amongst kids that can?t get vaccinated. 

BTW, time to schedule your flu shot.  Don?t just trust your phone to track you for the PTB, get your shot too!



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PSForever said:
"Here's how life looks after one month in Lithuania,under Europe's first strict,society-wide Covid Pass regime:"https://twitter.com/gluboco/status/1446134032027176965

Everybody remember this guy?  I wonder if he made it? (If he ever was a real person and not just a propaganda tool)

Lithuania has turned the corner but is stalling in the retreat.  7 day average deaths is half this peak.  Cases are holding steady though.

All told, from the Oct 7th to now, Lithuania for their population lost the equivalent USA having 210,000 people die since Oct 7th.  We had about 80K dead.



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Business Insider Article:
The Fox Corporation has instituted a strict COVID-19 policy that includes a vaccine passport, allowing only the company's fully-vaccinated employees to work in their offices without wearing a mask or social distancing.

But a slew of the parent company's Fox News personalities, particularly two of its highest-paid and most influential primetime hosts, have railed against exactly this kind of vaccination policy, also known as a "vaccine passport."

A Fox News spokesperson pointed Insider toward a Fox Corp. memo from June on return to office procedures. A Fox Corp. spokesperson confirmed the rollout of the voluntary proof of vaccination system to Insider in an email.
https://www.businessinsider.com/fox...ccination-passport-memo-tucker-carlson-2021-7retro bowl

Click link for alleged with the Fox News letterhead on the Memo.
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