Too Good To Go?


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Does anyone know about this app? Basically partners with area eateries to sell their leftovers at a discount to minimize food waste.

Most of the places on there are bakeries (and donut stores) but even California Fish Grill is one of the eateries.

You can schedule picking up "surprise bag" for certain times of the day that is basically a variety of food that is heavily discounted.

For example, recently my friend got a box of 20 donuts for $7.

I'm tempted by the Amotrio Chocolate $18 bag for $5.99. :)
I downloaded the app and have Terra Mia and Sals Pizzeria (the district) as pizza options
I've used it before. Once for donuts and another time for pastries from a coffee shop. You can tell it's day old - but if you don't mind it's a great deal. The pastries could be reheated in the toaster or air fryer and come out nicely. Donuts aren't that good dry.
this sounds pretty fun, I'll have to try it and report back. sounds like it might work in the short term but long term, I have a feeling the quality is going to go down..