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Shady Siam Station in Irvine


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Had a shady experience at Siam Station in Irvine.  First time there and never going back.  At the end of the meal, the waitress took my card and processed it.  Gave me back my card and my receipt, and indicated that the tip was already included.  To my surprise, she gave herself a 20% tip.  It's a shady practice and not thrilled with being forced tip when table is not even 6 people or more.  Owner claims that customers are supposed to swipe their own card and input their own tip amount. 


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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience there.  The food at Siam Station is awesome, but the seating is very limited so I have always just done take-out.  Guess I will continue to just get take-out.


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Siam Station is my favorite Thai restaurant in the area. Never had an experience like yours though so not sure what to make of it.


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Because there is very little seating available at Siam Station and the cuisine is so good, I have only ever ordered takeout from there. I guess I'll simply stick to ordering takeout for the foreseeable future.
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