Santiago Hills development delayed until 2019

Here's more info abut this project if anyone is interested:

Santiago Hills II is one of three proposed East Orange development projects. All of these projects interface with very large areas of preserved open space. The SH II community is located between two open space features and will provide access for its inhabitants to explore the Lower Peters Canyon Wetland area and will have a direct interface with the Irvine Regional Park.
Santiago Hills will have the convenience of accessibility while still having the atmosphere of Irvine Ranch?s rustic past. Despite being located near a transportation corridor, once inside this community it will feel like an intimate neighborhood. Two neighborhood parks will be linked by pedestrian and bike trails. The collaborative team includes RBF & Associates, Hunsaker & Associates, Gerald E. Ervin, Architect, and Digital Preview.





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According to OUSD, these future developments are within Orange's boundaries; trustee area five.
I think this is the first Irvine Company community development annexed to the city of Orange. I wonder if we'll see heavy infrastructure spending on schools and shopping centers to make it at par with the benchmark of Irvine.