Safest Cities in Orange County


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Seems like Irvine has slipped below LF, lol. I'm curious to know why Irvine has faired below the other OC cities in this Article, I always thought Irvine was the safest city in OC and one of the safest in the country.
Depends on what list you look at, this one lists Irvine as #6 and the only OC city in the top 15:

This one lists Irvine as #8 and the only Cali one in the top 10:

And also from ABC, based on the FBI list, Irvine is #1 for the 18th year in a row:

The fact that you can find Irvine on almost every list should tell you something.
"SafeWise said it compiled the rankings by using the most up-to-date FBI data -- including statistics on violent crime, property crime, gun violence and package theft."

Must have been package theft that did Irvine in, since the other lists are based on violent crimes. :ROFLMAO:

Also, it's crimes/crime costs per capita as well. Not sure if SafeWise's list uses per capita.
It also depends on whether they include all cities of any size in the ranking, or only cities above a certain size. I think a population of 250k is the cutoff a lot of the national rankings use, so only a few cities in OC are larger than that, and Irvine is the only one that has low violent crime stats (the other large cities being Anaheim and Santa Ana).