Ravello: Reserve vs Groves

I don't understand why FCB's keep on buying these homes at these prices which doesn't make any sense, I assume that it has something to do with money laundering to bring their money out of China and park it here by purchasing these significantly overpriced homes so that they don't get caught and risk getting their money seized by the communist Chinese government or their realtors are misleading them about the prices and potential gains...

In ancient Rome they engaged in class struggle between Patricians and Plebeians, and under Plebeians you had the unemployed mob fed by government welfare who can be easily riled up. Fast forward to 20th century you have the communists setting the poor against the middle class and the middle class against the upper class.

For people living in China, oppression against wealthy is not distant Roman history, they only need to ask the elders. Having a "Plan B" is being prudent.

This applies to living in the US as well for other things, like long-term/nursing home care that costs upwards of $10,000/month in California. Instead of bankrupting your family, one might consider Plan B in Thailand where nursing home care costs $1,000-$1,200/month.