Presidential Elections

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If they were playing it straight up it wouldn’t be that major of in issue, the blatant transparency given some prior comment by Alito is the issue.
Slippery slope to me... regardless of what side or which president... there is a reason why we there is "supposed" to be a separation of powers.

Just like any loophole, there are people who will take advantage of it to the detriment of others.

Let's just break up the Federal government and make 50+3 countries! :)
So I try to call it both ways... international travel and about to fall asleep on stage? Probably true... but it's not like Biden didn't know he had this very important debate scheduled and had to be rested and ready. Either he is stubborn (which sounds like he is) and/or his handlers are horrible.
So I try to call it both ways... international travel and about to fall asleep on stage? Probably true... but it's not like Biden didn't know he had this very important debate scheduled and had to be rested and ready. Either he is stubborn (which sounds like he is) and/or his handlers are horrible.
Isn’t a flight back from Europe while having a cold kind of a typical work schedule for the President?
G7 Summit ended June 15th. Debate was 27th. Don't forget, he was sequestered at Camp David for 6 days preparing for debate. His physical and mental state has been well known within the beltway since he took office. His condition got progressively worse each year. Reports of good and bad days, cancelled events and early lids on many days. Much of media covered for him. Advocacy journalism rather than real journalism.
I checked web registrations on, and other variables of candidates and listing order. Quite a few were registered in 2022. Someone's early bet may pay off soon.
OK, so now I think they have pretty much written this off as a loss. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Brandon bows out, pushes Kamel up on the block…she loses spectacularly…clear the decks for 2028!….Boom!😂😂😂👍🏽🍿🍻
OK, so now I think they have pretty much written this off as a loss. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Brandon bows out, pushes Kamel up on the block…she loses spectacularly…clear the decks for 2028!….Boom!😂😂😂👍🏽🍿🍻
That’s really the only move the Dems have. There are just options. Biden stays, with Harris. Or Biden goes, and Harris as VP steps up.

If Biden steps aside and they don’t elevate Harris as VP, JIMHO, their party is done.

Meanwhile, whomever is actually running the government currently is doing a very fine job.
"... A very fine job"?

With a virtual tsunami of money we don't have being sent to Ukraine to fight a proxy war with a nuclear power, inflation well out of control (I recognize both sides are at fault here), a foreign policy in shambles, and an invasion on our Southern border - essentially encouraging non-skilled slave labor to come here simply for industry to exploit that's hardly a very fine job being done. In 2023 alone, 74k Americans were killed by Fentanyl, nearly 1.5 times the number of dead during the Vietnam War (58k) - a conflict that was 19 years long! In that time of war, the nation as a whole rose to protest. Today, the 60's generation (now in leadership positions) say simply "Get off my lawn, you're someone else's problem".

I don't want an unelected and 100% unaccountable cadre running the country the way it's being done today. Genuine change has to occur. With an honest look at things, it's clear "Border Czar/ Diversity Hire Barbie" isn't capable of being the change we need.
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2028 campaigning starts in late 2026. You'll have younger candidates then to pick from.

Who are these younger candidates you would vote for in 2024? If Joe is replaced by Newsom, would you vote for Governor Dippidy Doo over The Tang Menace? Considering the carnage we see here in Cali, allowing Newsom to continue failing upwards seems unwise.
Lots of people left California BECAUSE of Newsom and we would like him contained to California. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, a slithering snake and vulture running a shadow campaign.

The dems want Biden out now that the curtain has been pulled on Joe but to just remove him from the ballot is taking away every one's vote. Come on man, the guy got 99% of the dem vote in the primaries which just happened within the last few months. What of that call that Trump is taking away democracy when a small number of dems want to put in whoever they want? What good was the primary in that case? Of course no one else was "allowed" to run, wink, wink. Jill is fighting to keep him in and unless he steps aside what can the dems do to remove him?

It seems they are stabbing him in the back in order to force him to take himself out. The governor's call/meeting was closed door and yet three sources blabbed he said he needs more sleep.

So what to do? The 25th amendment requires 2/3 vote of both houses to confirm what the VP and cabinet claim within 3 weeks of using the 25th. The dems probably know they can't get that.

ABC interview is taped, probably retakes, edited, teleprompters. Most of us will believe the questions were given to him ahead of time.

But in the end, does it even matter? I doubt his obvious condition will sway dems to change their votes even if he remains on the ballot. They will just vote for the V.P. No way Joe can make it another 5 years. It may even increase the effort to get out the vote......... just vote democrat to prevent the mean guy from getting in again........ democracy depends on it!

"That's just malarkey" (....JK)

I watch hand positions during the interviews or any taped messages to see if it's a "cut" or a "redo". It's hard to synch the hands and a clear tell if it's take upon take, upon take just to finish a sentence. Watch some of Dark Brandon's last few taped messages. 13 plus cuts in a 2 minute video with his hands up, down, apart, and together. If he can't finish a 2 minute chat, then it's time to deploy the 25th.
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I think the machine is working to get Biden off the ballot. Step 1 is to sway public opinion from "he's a honest man" to "he's not cognitively well enough to serve in office". Once that happens, the dominos will fall against him.

They'll use the mouth pieces of the legacy media to do that. Look no further than the headlines that pop up wherever you go. The media is acting like they just discovered Biden isn't cognitively well - something that has been fairly obvious for many months and suspicious yet obvious for over a year (but the party and media was protecting him until recently).

It's a delicate needle to thread, because they (those who are actually running Biden & the Democratic party) need him to finish out his term while also bowing out of the race. People with whatever mental condition Biden is suffering from are often in denial about their health and can get quite angry and disobedient anytime someone suggests there's a health issue.

Kamala does not seem to have the popularity or charisma that it takes to win the Presidential office. They've been keeping her out of the spot light for quite some time now. They don't want her to run, which I suspect has Kamala with a "WTF I'm next in line" attitude.

So it begs two questions:

1) How are they going to get Biden/Harris out? In addition to Biden's denial and possible outright refusal to acknowledge his cognitive decline and Kamala's incredulousness about what she is (or isn't) owed and how unpopular she is (at least in terms of defeating Trump in the election), some Democratic Electorates have already committed to casting their votes for Biden. I believe there are also issues with getting a replacement on state ballots (have deadlines passed? How long will it take to follow the legal process for replacing one?), but I don't know those details well. That will all need to be sorted out within a month or so.

2) Who will they replace Biden/Harris with? Newsom is fully torqued for that kind of power and he's displayed his obedience to the talking points well. I can't empathize with people who like him (see: he's ruining CA IMO), but he is quite a slippery, handsome, and obedient (and empty headed IMO) politician who seems plenty capable of towing the line. Michelle Obama is tremendously popular among Democrat women. Have you noticed her name coming up in the headlines more often lately? I saw one yesterday titled "The world must prepare for President Michelle Obama". I suspect she doesn't want the job, but they (Dem party operators) need her to run in order to keep control of the executive office for the next 4 years.

It's a complete shit show.

They (both parties) are so busy fighting for power/votes and demonizing other points of view that they're neglecting their duties of public service. This used to be a once every 4 years for a few months operation, but it's been non stop since 2016.

The legacy media is not doing their journalistic job of shining a light on corruption and providing objective thorough details on all facets of issues to inform (not sway) the people (see: 1 part obedience to the Dem agenda, 1 part outrage = views, 1 part beholden to their advertisers, 1 part Trump derangement syndrome). It's mostly coordinated (either intentional or unintentional) editorial, opinion, and shock + awe for clicks.

We've all probably heard too many times lately that if the other party wins it will be "the end of democracy", which I genuinely fear could be a self fulfilling prophesy. I hope I'm as wrong about that as I have been about house prices. We have so many good things going for us in this country. Yes we have some things to sort out and we need to get to work, but all this drama and distraction has to stop. We owe it to ourselves, past generations, and future generations to get back to working together to solve the difficult problems and find the good in ourselves & each other.

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This talking point has failed to rally support for Biden. The average person feels like they are worse off than 4 years ago.
Irony being, Trump’s policies don’t address them either.

Did Mexico pay for the wall? How’s that wall working?


People have jobs, making more, higher stock market and yet housing is further out of reach for most, groceries cost more (feels like mine have doubled) the list goes on and on, so I agree people in spite of higher wages and more jobs, have lost. Yet, we have record corporate profits.
Perhaps I've misunderstood the post, but one cannot enjoy higher stock prices on the one hand then on the other hand say higher corporate profits are bad thing. The two are intertwined. Not many people want to invest in a consistently low to no profit company. Life just doesn't work that way.

It's clear to me that this nation rewards companies incorrectly. For example, the head of Boeing should have options and bonuses clawed back for how disastrously he's lead the company (to start, IMHO). Why bankers and mortgage execs didn't do a perp walk directly into San Quentin remains a huge problem for me. This thread is for Presidential issues, and we know neither candidate will do anything about executive compensation.

That's the end of my goodest rant of the day. ;)
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