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For months I've been hearing how broke Trump is and that he routinely exaggerates his wealth.

Trump’s Net Worth Hits $6.5 Billion, Making Him One of World’s 500 Richest People

Donald Trump’s business empire was supposed to be in peril like never before on Monday. Instead, it turned into the single-greatest day on record for the former president’s wealth.

All told, his net worth increased by more than $4 billion. That means for the first time ever, Trump joined the ranks of the world’s wealthiest 500 people on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with a fortune of $6.5 billion.

good segment on Bloomberg this morning discussing how Trump has been able to continuously re-invent himself financially over the past 4+ decades - truly remarkable
Joe Biden and his family crime syndicate haven't done too badly either.
A congressman said he has seen documentation of $50,000,000 going from Communist China
to the Biden Crime Syndicate. And tens of millions of Democrats still support this traitor?