Modern refrigerators in older homes


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We live in an older home and are looking to replace our refrigerator. The side by side we bought just before the pandemic just isn't working out and we want to go back to the French Door w/ bottom freezer. We'd like the newer features like four door, flex drawer, etc, but it seems like there's been a change in standard height sizing on the newer (and notably bigger cubic capacity refrigerators.

Looking for a similar style French Door as we had before runs into the same problem and the case sizing seems to have changed and grown in height. This leaves us with the problem of clearing the above fridge cabinet or if the case will fit, the cabinet doors won't clear the fridge hinges or there's inadequate clearness over the case top for proper ventilation.

Anybody been through this lately and have brands, etc. that work well without demoing the kitchen and redoing cabinets to a new larger cutout space for the fridge.

We're not talking small, we had a older Kenmoore 26CF french door previously back before Kenmoore started becoming junk.