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Even if they went to $2... it's still cheap.
That’s how they want all the sheeple to think. You would actually be OK with a 33% increase in price? Like how you don’t complain about paying over four dollars in gas anymore, they’ve gotten you used to it…. Not me.🤦🏽‍♂️😡😡😂🦄🌈
I don't use gas... so can't complain. :)

The Costco thing I don't mind because they have never raised their prices. With fast food meals costing over $10... a hot dog and soda for $2 is still a bargain.
Just cause you got a Nobel…doesn’t mean you understand the real world….hacks!😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

13 Nobel Economists Promised Biden Would Cut Inflation, Now They’re Saying Trump Will Ignite It

A gang of 16 Nobel prize-winning economists signed a letter yesterday endorsing Joe Biden for president because: “There is rightly a worry that Donald Trump will reignite inflation with his fiscally irresponsible budgets.”

But then our colleague, Scott Bessent, noticed something strange and ironic about the signatories: 13 of these economists signed a highly-publicized open letter three years ago assuring Americans that Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending spree would “ease longer-term inflationary pressures.”

Then — whoops! — 18 months later inflation soared to 9.1% under Biden – the worst U.S. inflation in almost 40 years!
This would be the medical equivalent of amputating the wrong leg.

Case in point…🤦🏽‍♂️🙄😡

Out of Touch: Questioned About Grocery Store Sticker Shock, Janet Yellen Says She's Not Seeing It​

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appeared to be truth-challenged when questioned about inflation and the rising federal deficit under President Joe Biden.

Jennifer Schonberger asked Yellen during a Monday interview, "Have you been to the grocery store lately?"

"I sure have — I go every week," the treasury secretary replied.

"It's sticker shock, isn't it?" Schonberger questioned.

"No," Yellen flatly stated.

Well... It's not 2 or 3 times as much as someone claimed. :)
Depends on where u live and what u buy. I buy mostly fresh fruit/veges, meat and frozen veges if I can't get fresh or it's too expensive and lots of my items have doubled. Does it matter if things have "only" gone up 20%? First I don't believe that things haven't gone up more but even if that is true, there are lots of people who have been pushed to having to decide what they have to cut to afford food/utilities. Those on fixed incomes that have little chance to increase money coming in, those already working several low paying jobs have really been hurt.

I volunteer at a food bank and we see lots of people coming in who never in their minds thought they would line up for food....... old people who used to be able to pick what they would buy now grateful to sit in a line of cars for an hour or two in the hot sun; people with young kids hoping the food doesn't run out after they got their kids off to school. Fortunately we have a fantastic food bank program here and if someone is really hurting for food, they just have to put out a post on a buy nothing facebook group and they'll probably get lots of people ready to help them out.

So I ask Joe Biden............. what exactly have you done for old folks?........... the ones who don't take insulin, the ones who got a cola increase (because of inflation that ate the entire thing up) that pushed them over the limit and don't get that $29 per month in snap they were getting, the ones who have to pay the doctor, the ones who's spouse died and they still have the same rent? What have you done besides nothing? From where I sit, I'm ashamed of how the old folks are once again forgotten.

Next week, I'll see people lined up for food again and be praying no one has a heat stroke while they patiently wait in their cars. So Joe........ the reason there isn't a food problem around here is the food banks are so well funded and the grocery stores are so overstocked because people have cut back on spending. When I see prime rib roasts, rack of lamb and steaks in the meat bags, tons of high end cheese, eggs, unexpired milk in the cool bags, asparagus and countless clamshells of berries I just smile cuz I know it's not the grocery stores being kind to the food bank..... it's because customers refuse to pay their prices and your government at work and some people just scraping by are going to get some really great food they never thought they would see again.

And in case ya all think it's just grocery stores unloading expired food........ think again. Some meat is passed sell by dates but it's been flash frozen. And some meat/fish filets come straight from the USDA, frozen. TEFAP is government funded and the banks buy food from the USDA (hence the unexpired milk, eggs, fresh fruit in pristine condition etc). It's your taxpayer funds at work, supporting farmers (so prices stay high) and handing out food to the needy (in reality anyone who shows up). It was started by Ronnie and has gotten bigger and bigger. Waiting on what will be in the next farm bill. I doubt a funding cut for TEFAP.

Honestly we have the government to thank for partially keeping prices high with the way farmers are paid for the stuff that gets handed out for free.
Maybe some items have increased by double or triple... but not all groceries as the claim went.

But it's okay... exaggeration gets eyeballs... just like Irvine being in for pain next year... or next year... or next year... or I meant the next year after that.
Oh I don’t know about that….🤦🏽‍♂️😡👎🏽

The man - was browsing through his Walmart account when he stumbled upon an option to reorder a previous grocery haul.
To his shock, the order of 45 essential items that cost $127 in 2022 now totals $414.
'I feel like I'm going to be sick. I just looked through my Walmart history and I found my order from two years ago for the whole month worth of groceries.'
The revelation lays bare the effect of America's still-hot inflation, just days after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen denied the effect of 'sticker shock.'

Maybe some items have increased by double or triple... but not all groceries as the claim went.

But it's okay... exaggeration gets eyeballs... just like Irvine being in for pain next year... or next year... or next year... or I meant the next year after that.
Irvine has had more down years than Orange County as a whole since the start of the new millennium.
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