[IHB] A Review of the San Marcos Tract at Stonegate

location location and location. That's why despite the price tag, detached products in Stonegate are doing fairly well - 50+% sold for Maricopa and San Marcos, and San Mateo is approaching 75%. There are quite a few standing inventories in Las Venatas near the 133 and they quickly become eye sores for the existing owners.
good observation and pretty spot on...

personally, i like the amount of cabinetry in plan 1...  we have so many appliances now + baby supplies (bottle sterilizer and every sippy cup ever made) that it would be nice to be able to pack everything away out of site.  Clean cabinets are better than visible clutter...  I also do agree that the closets in plans 3 and 3x are ridiculously small...
we finally got around to checking these out and were pleasantly surprised.  we have seen many ~2000 sq ft properties and they usually feel small and dark unless they were built in the 90s when builders cared about the volume of a house.  we went through the plans without knowing the sizes and walked out thinking plan 3 was ~2500 sq ft but its only 2077 sq ft!

i am not a fan of motor courts and a lot of the same noise and pollution comments from the thread about living over a garage can apply but with plan 3, your house is basically on the main street.  the front door is facing the street so your kids and guests arent walking through motor court/driveway.  this seemed like the best of having the price benefits of a motor court while still being on a real street. 

any TI members live in san marcos?  how is parking on the streets?  i think villagepeople bought in san mateo which is similar but none of the properties face the street like plan 3 of san marcos.  would love to hear more feedback on this community
I don't live in San Marcos but have been tracking it since its inception. Note they replaced plan 2 with plan 3X; so now they have 2 out of 3 floor plans that have a bedroom down-stair for down-payment source to live. This means multi-generation families would be the norm and of course more cars per household.
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