ICE or EV?

Which car(s) will you be buying next?

  • ICE ICE Baby (morekaos dinosaur option)

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • EV forEVa (unicorns for all)

    Votes: 20 60.6%
  • PHEV (I still have range anxiety)

    Votes: 3 9.1%
  • Hybrid (can't plug in yet)

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • Alternative fuel (Hydrogen, vegetable oil, etc)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 3.0%

  • Total voters
This is going great! Don’t’ you think?….Hope these people have good street parking and long extension cords…..

Jaguar recalls all I-Pace EVs over battery fire risk, a year after we warned them about it

Jaguar announced that it is recalling all I-Pace electric vehicles in the US over a battery fire risk. The recall comes a year after we warned Jaguar about the issue.

Last summer, we released a report highlighting our suspicion that Jaguar might have a battery problem similar to the Chevy Bolt EV in its I-Pace.

In the report, we described four separate battery fires that had similar conditions as the battery fires that led to the Chevy Bolt EV recall.
Ferrari doesn’t even have an electric offering until 2025, plenty of time to for them to pull the plug… Smart😆😆😆

Ferrari’s first purely electric vehicle isn’t scheduled to be released until the fourth quarter of 2025
Uh... Ferrari EV is probably already pretty far along if they plan to release in 2025.

It's coming... they understand they can't be sticks in the mud... EV performance for speed is compelling.
Oooo.... morekaos not going to like this one:

I'm even gonna quote it morekaos style:

At least Democrats and Republicans are beginning to agree on one thing – EVs can save you money (and the environment). Although EVs are often associated with liberal-leaning voters, more and more conservative buyers are going electric to save money on gas and experience the latest performance and technology.

Electric vehicles hit a record 7.2% share of new vehicle sales in the first quarter, with several new, longer-range models hitting the market, according to Cox Automotive.

Across the nation, counties with the highest EV adoption rate have predominantly been higher-income, tech-focused liberal areas. However, according to the Washington Post, this is beginning to change.

In Collin County, Texas, where Donald Trump won over 5% more votes in the 2020 election, the EV market share was ahead of the national average at 8.7% last year and is expanding quickly.

Its neighboring county, Denton, which is also primarily Republican, saw EV sales grow to 7.3%, surpassing the national average of around 6.2% last year.

Some buyers near Plano mention protecting the climate as the reason they went electric, but most were intrigued by EVs for their performance, high-tech features, and style.


Clusters of EVs are popping up in traditionally red-voting areas. Washington Post highlights St Johns County, Florida (home to St Augustine), Hamilton County, Indiana (north of Indianapolis), Union County, North Carolina (southeast of Charlotte), Monmouth County, New Jersey (bordering the ocean), and Kern County, California, among areas that voted for Trump in 2020 and saw EV adoption higher than the national average.

Although California is known for leading the nation in EV sales by a wide margin, Florida and Texas, two reliably conservative states, took second and third in 2021, according to the US Department of Energy.

In addition to featuring the latest tech and performance, EVs also offer more convenience. Buyers – both liberal and conservative – are realizing they can charge their cars at home and no longer need the unnecessary gas trips, oil changes, and maintenance required with ICE vehicles.

Red states are also drawing significant investments from EV and battery makers, stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act’s incentives.

How do you like them EV apples?
Not according to your biased website…they are definitely dragging their Bontoni’s

Ferrari foolishly resists EVs, calls ICE ‘an essential part of the company’s heritage’​

Ferrari’s (RACE) CEO, Benedetto Vigna, said on Monday the Italian luxury sports carmaker’s so-called e-building will be ready next summer.

Hah... at least you are reading about current technology. It's better than reading those paper newpapers discussing the extinction of dinosaurs.

Read the article more... it doesn't say they are NOT building EVs, it just says they aren't going to stop building ICE vehicles... which is fine.

The automaker expects fully electric vehicles to represent 40% of its fleet by the end of the decade.

It's so easy when you make my case for me. Thanks for the assist... and keep on reading about what the future holds.
I bought one for $35k in 2019. The article is correct in that ordering it was not straightforward. Hope they continue to aggressive price their cars!

I reserved one in 2016! I even got this fancy piece of paper. And then Tesla reneged on their pricing.
I reserved one in 2016! I even got this fancy piece of paper. And then Tesla reneged on their pricing.
Oh man! So you weren’t able to buy it in 2019 for $35k? I think all I had to do was order the SR+ and then email them to change it to the SR.
Oh man! So you weren’t able to buy it in 2019 for $35k? I think all I had to do was order the SR+ and then email them to change it to the SR.

Nope. My perspective was that Tesla promised a product at a price, I put in a deposit for that, and then they changed the price. I then cancelled my order. I wasn't aware of the loophole :(
Pretty soon an ICE vehicle is going to be like a Swiss automatic watch and the electric car is going to be like the quartz watch. Ferrari may be better served by staying as the expensive Swiss automatic watch. Ferraris are already rare and as most car companies turn to electric perhaps their cars will just continue to get more and more expensive since they would be the only ICE game in town.

In the future when car companies become fully electric they will produce limited edition ICE vehicles that only the rich will be able to buy :)
... that's because all the gas stations will have been turned into Level 4 5-minute EV charging stations, so morekaos will have to go to Texas to get petrol.
i actually don’t care
Haha, yeah right, that's why you post all these crap in large bold fonts? and when you're wrong you suddenly don't care? weak... :poop:

Can't fight gravity, science, technology, innovation and change will happen.
… once again, missing the point. I don’t care that you post from what people perceive as biased websites. Don’t shoot the messenger argue the point.🤷🏽‍♂️😆😆😆
Or argue the misconceived point like:

- Teslas are $100k
- Ferrari will never build an EV
- I can't find a $37k Model 3
- No one will buy EVs