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This forum is primarily self-moderated. The original poster of any thread may lock that thread,  delete posts from it or move the topic to a new board. (If you are the O.P., look at the bottom-left of your thread for the "Move Topic" and "Lock Topic" buttons. To remove a post from your thread, click the "Remove" button inside the applicable comment box.)

The boards are not actively monitored. Contact the original poster of a thread if it contains a post that you feel needs attention. To report a post that is outside of the general guidelines below, please utilize the ?report? button. We ask you to refrain from the following:

? Spam or warez

? Impersonation of staff or other members

? Information regarding minors.

? Re-posting of any information deleted by, or re-starting a thread locked by, the staff (i.e. ?Mod1? or Admin.)

? Posts deemed NSFW

You are responsible for what you post and for information you make available about yourself. As always, it is your responsibility to practice internet-safety. Enforcement is at our discretion. We will not discuss with you the action or inaction taken upon receiving a report. We reserve the right (but assume no obligation) to edit or remove any post and may change these guidelines at any time.

If you experience log-in or registration problems, you may reach us here:

If you have technical questions, please use the "Help" button" near the top of your screen. Post your question in the technical support section if you need further assistance. Please do not PM admin with your question.

Site Supporters

The individuals below provide monetary support to the site based on the business they generate here.  If you use the services of one of our site supporters, please let them know that you found them on Talk Irvine. 

CMF Family Law
Vision Quest Lending
Go Green Solar

If you are interested in purchasing an ad in the sidebar and becoming a site supporter, please contact:

If you choose to use the services of any solicitors on this site, please be advised that you do so entirely at your own risk. Talk Irvine will not be held liable for any of the services you find here or your outcome in working with them.
Not open for further replies.