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If anyone is tired of these little smileys and sees something else they like to replace them (maybe something a little larger), add graphics to this thread. Ideally, the emoticons should look similar to each other and cover all the emotions available currently:

:) ;) :D ;D :mad: <!-- s:( --:mad:<!-- s:( --> <!-- s:eek: -->:eek:<!-- s:eek: --> <!-- s:cool: -->:cool:<!-- s:cool: --> ??? ::) <!-- s:p -->:p<!-- s:p --> :-[ :-X :-/ :-* :'(

(The above emoticons changed to display the new settings.)
Does anybody want the old emoticons? I don't think it's a problem if we use those graphics. They're not animated, though.
[quote author="staggerlee"]I think these current choices are rather... mustardy.[/quote]

Yeah, they were kind of mustardy. LOL. The old ones are up. Feel more at-home now?