Does such a vehicle exist?...

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Brief update.

Went car shopping after posting.

Tesla at Fashion Island: 6 month+ wait for Model Y. Pass.

RSM Honda: Slim pickin's! Empty lots. Big dealer markups, especially on hybrids. Totally underestimated the car shortages/ supply chain issues currently. Had planned to buy something that day. They only had ugly interiors or models that don't fit my lifestyle. Hybrids are totally not worth it when it would literally take 50 yrs to recoup any gas savings from purchase price. I drive very little. Left empty-handed.

Norm Reeves Honda, Irvine: Slightly better selection. Even bigger markups. Left with nothing.

Mercedes-Benz / Foothill Ranch: Shopping there next, once the temps drop. Hard looking on the lots in this heat. I can't function. By the time it cools down, I might as well wait for 2023 models. I'm interested in the gla or glb?

Will re-assess the situation over the next few months. Did get a follow-up message from Norm Reeves that they got a whole bunch of 2022s in and in colors I like. I didn't panic-buy though. Will wait and see. Might buy a 2023 Honda crv. They're redesigning it this year.

Estimate delivery for Model Y Long Range is Dec 2022 - Apr 2023.
However, estimate delivery for Model Y Performance is Sep - Oct 2022.
You could get a Model Y almost immediately if you're willing to pay $4000 extra.  8)

Yeah, unfortunately I wouldn't buy the performance even if it was cheaper than the long range and available tomorrow. I tried it. It's just not the most comfortable fit for me, physically, driving and getting in & out. Maybe others would love it though. But for me personally that's also how I feel about the Model S vs S plaid. Just a personal preference.

I wonder if my brother-in-law ordered the performance before because my sister didn't like it. She complained about the suspension. So they did a test drive on the Mach-E GT and she liked it much better and he ended up ordering the Mach-E GT.
My long range model Y delivery date just moved up from April 2023 to December 2022. I placed the order 3 months ago.

Had I ordered performance one, it would been delivered already. I learned hard lesson from last bmw x5. I upgraded everything and it was a mistake. Each set of wheels lasted less than 10k miles and costed $3k to replace.

No more upgrades for me. Standard is good enough. 😎
irvinehomeowner said:
Did you ever take a look at Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Kia EV 6?

I'm not really a fan of the ride of the Model Y.

I suggested the luxury version (GV60) above and was summarily ignored, haha.
Since my original post, I ended up not liking any of the new cars I went to look at. To answer my own question in the title: "Does such a vehicle exist?"... No, it does not. 😏 I reclaimed my vehicle back from my kid, even though he suggested that he keep it and I take Uber... 🤡 . Got him a car instead. At least that was a quick and easy decision... just went with a Honda Civic. Now I'm driving a 12 year old vehicle because I can't find one i like better and both my kids have newer cars than me... 🤡 🥁. Uber is looking better and better. 👌🏻
It's better that the kids have newer cheap cars... they get all the safety tech.

But us old people need that safety tech too. :D
If you're really just taking short trips around town, spending $10-$20 an Uber trip isn't too crazy. A car payment plus insurance could easily be north of $700/month, which pays for a lot of Uber trips.