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Let me preface this by saying that our kitchen is one of the ugliest on earth. It's not a matter of countertops and cabinets, rather those plus plumbing, wiring etc, which is just not an option right now. So, I saw an ad for Rustoleum countertop paint that you could apply to formica and it looked really great in the photo. Skeptically, I go to Lowes and inquire. The paint guy is not very enthusiastic as he leads me over the protected paint area and says, "here it is, but you can only choose from these 22 colors."

The 22 colors are really only variations of three, but I choose the one that I can almost like, figuring what have I got to lose. I mean the countertops were butcher block replica formica from god knows what era AND worn away in many areas. Big draw back is that it takes three days to dry. Well, hubby was out of town for the weekend, so I went for it. Friday night I cleared and cleaned the counters and did a little test in an inconspicous area. Surprised by the fact that it didn't look heinous and feeling encouraged, I taped everything up and painted the counters.

I have to say that I am truly amazed by what a difference this stuff made. It looks like brand new formica up close and from a distance, some kind of stone. It was really easy and only $22. It turned out so well that I was inspired the paint the kitchen and ceiling, declutter and re do what is on the counter and where it sits. Dry time was actually only 24 hrs or less. I'm giving it 4.5 stars. Would give it 5 if there were more color choices. It's a nice interim fix .
Oh No! You just opened a big can of worms. The Caesar Palace of design Asian Persian McMansion lovers in North Tustin will use this to paint those exterior foam trims and quoins to look like stone.
[quote author="bkshopr" date=1256683650]... will use this to paint those exterior foam trims and quoins to look like stone.</blockquote>

This is the next new design trend in the PNW, both for aesthetic and practical reasons... foam-covered steel buildings for earthquake safety.
Thanks for the story... I'm amazed at how well paint sticks to things nowadays. I remember 10 years ago I wanted to paint an ugly gold trim black or silver and the Home Depot told me that there was nothing that could do that well. I attempted it anyways and it didn't look very good and rubbed off easily.

Flash forward to now and we had a light fixture hanging from a 18+ foot ceiling and I wanted to change the fixture but not the chain/cord. I bought a spraycan of this all surface paint recommended at Lowes, had one of the painters who was doing the inside of the house paint it while he was using his big ladder and now it looks like it was black to begin with. Matched perfectly with the new light fixture and we didn't have to go through the trouble of buying a new chain, cord and reinstalling at the junction box at the top (no way am I doing to do that at 18 feet high). I'm going to use that paint on every gold/bronze surface in the house! (Well... I doubt it will last on doorknobs)
[quote author="bkshopr" date=1256698922]Gold/Bronze sounds like a royal palace.</blockquote>
I wish... I would be mining it instead of painting over it.