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In mid-2020, the Orange County real estate market had become more and more competitive. Lower inventory levels resulted in contingent buyers getting shut out of purchasing their new homes. You may ask, what is a contingent buyer? A contingent buyer is someone who is resting on or is dependent on the sale of their current home to purchase their next home. Either they need the sale proceeds from the sale of their current home for the down payment and reserves for their next home purchase, and/or they do not qualify from a lender’s debt-to-income perspective to own both their current home and their next home.

Starting in the fall of 2020, I helped my first contingent buyer client purchase their next home by purchasing their current property with a cash non-contingent offer. I bought their home so they could buy their next home. As the market started to heat up in 2021, listings received 10–30 offers at a time, so I needed to pivot. That is when I began to purchase my client’s new home instead of purchasing their exit property. In the past 3 years, I have assisted 15 contingent clients in purchasing their next home. I did this by either purchasing their exit/current property or by purchasing their next property.

Below are some details on both options.

Option 1: Purchasing exit property

With an all-cash, non-contingent “as-is” offer, I would purchase the home in as little as 10 days. This structured transaction is somewhat similar to what iBuyer companies like OpenDoor offer. With my arrangement, there are four notable and very important advantages:

1) Higher net sale proceeds with a potential profit split after I sell the home to the ultimate buyer
2) Lower transaction costs
3) The ability to rent the home back (if needed)
4) You are working with me, not a large company so the service is personal to you and your specific situation/needs

Option 2: Purchasing your next property

After I purchase the new home for you, I would give you, my clients, the keys to your new home and we would enter into a lease agreement and into a contract to purchase the home back from me. This allows you to move right into the new home after the property is purchased, or you could spend time doing renovations on the home before moving in. Once you move out of your home, I will stage and list your exit property for sale. Once your home is sold, the following business day, you will purchase the home that I bought for you back from me at the same price that I purchased it for.


I have used my cash to help over a dozen of my clients over the past 4 years utilize the two options above. To help more contingent homeowners, I have recently expanded this service by including a few trusted clients who have investable funds as well as a private lending group and are willing to be my lenders so this service may assist more contingent homeowners.

As inventory levels continue to stay very low and competition for move-in ready homes remains high, I wanted to expand my "Contingent Buyer Assistance Program" beyond my existing client base to everyone on TalkIrvine, including your family and friends who could utilize this service.

In summary, my goal with these 2 different arrangements is to help my contingent clients purchase their next home and enable a smooth, low-stress transaction. What this would mean for you…

1) You would only need to move once with not having to find a short-term rental
2) No paying for storage
3) Minimizes stress and disruption of your lives
4) Flexibility of a rent back to provide time to perform desired renovations

Each person’s situation is different so their circumstances will dictate which offering is a better fit for their needs so feel free to PM, call/text me at 714-747-3884, or email me at with any questions or discuss either of these two offerings in more detail.
This is such a great program.

If you have the cash/financing to do this at today's prices/rates, good on you.

Have you had any bumps doing this?

Great question IHO. No, thankfully I've never had any issues with the clients that I've done this far. They would get a loan pre-approval from one of my lenders before we would start the process so that way I knew they were good to go. That being said, if they experienced a job loss or other financial issues I'd have to put the home back on the market and probably take a small loss but again that's never happened.
This is a great differentiator from other agents. I can’t imagine any other agents even offer something like this??

I've always been good identifying problems and then trying to solve them because my clients always come first. Since Covid it has been almost impossible for contingent buyers to purchase homes so the 2 above options is what I came up with to solve the problem of my contingent buyers. Now that I have additional access to capital, I wouldn't to offer this service to anyone on TalkIrvine because previously I could only do it for a 1 or 2 clients at a time using my own capital. My clients are the ones that put me in this financial position so I want to pay it forward and help as many people that I can.
Hey Martin, I remember you briefly mention this program when we were house hunting during height of COVID, thanks for the help back then, and great to see you were able to make it work in the long term.