Best Dim Sum near Irvine

I've tried quite a few Dim Sum places, but which one is everyone's favorite?

Places I've tried:

Seafood Cove - Highly rated, but disappointing. Long waits. Mediocre Dim Sum. Seems like it's a Viet spin on traditional Cantonese Dim Sum. Cheung Fun sauce was off and skin was tacky/gummy.

Capital Seafood in Spectrum - Pretty good. Sometimes hit/miss with how fresh the dishes are.

Tim Ho Wan - Very expensive, limited options, but highest quality (imo).

Sam Woo - Alright. Also long waits.
Try China Garden - we normally go there

Capital Seafood - agree with you, it's either good or horrible

Tim Ho Wan - overrated & too expensive
irvinehomeowner said:
iacrenter said:
+1 on J Zhou, my go to spot near me.

Anyone try dim sum at  EMC Seafood?

I was surprised food critic, Brad Johnson raved about it in the OC Register:

Need to check out EMC for dim sum now. Looked at their menu... has stuff we like and they serve it all the time.

Is J Zhou that good for dim sum. Tried to go there but they didn't serve dim sum at dinner time.

My Hong Kong friends give it their stamp of approval. But I'm sure there are better places if you are willing to drive to San Gabriel/Alhambra.
Ok, EMC is pretty good. A bit pricey but nice that you can get dim sum whenever you want.

Just remember, last call for dim sum is 8pm.

But... other than dim sum, the zucchini fries and garlic brussel sprouts are also excellent (and on the happy hour menu!).