Anyone know where to get the new Pfizer booster ?


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I see that Moderna is in stock but called a couple of pharmacies and they are delayed with Pfizer by a couple of weeks.
Is there a reason why you prefer Pfizer over Moderna?

I think I switched to Moderna boosters either at or after the first one.
Not a doctor, not an "expert", not here to tell anyone what to do with their bodies, just a generally healthy middle aged citizen. I got the first two shots around the delta wave. I'll never get another. I'll never let someone force my children to get one while they're too young to have informed consent. The risk/reward isn't there based on the information I see.

I've never refused any other vaccines for myself or children and have no plans to do so. But they've lied and moved the goal posts so many times on the C shot that they've lost all credibility in my book.

But by all means, make the choice with your health professional. Your health choices are none of my business.
Yes. To each their own.

Just wondering why Pfizer over Moderna. I think I switched to Moderna because it was more "effective".

I notice there is warnings now about myocarditis and pericarditis.
I figured I got 3 shots and that was enough.
covid did get me once confirmed, and probably many other times unconfirmed.

I feel that's enough immunity for me.
My oldest child had it last week. I thought maybe the rest of us were doomed, but none of us caught it. I blame natural immunity.

Now that covid has morphed from a pneumonia-based illness to one of the upper respiratory tract with mild symptoms, it's kind of hard to justify treating it any differently than a cold. I was reading that 10% of people still get long covid, but I don't know what that entails at this point.
My wife had it a few week ago, like a cold…we changed little around the house, no Masks, slept and ate together…I never got it. Several teachers I know tested positive, stayed home a few days then went back to work and never reported it🤷🏽‍♂️…I always said it would mutate into a cold…it has
My aunt walked into CVS without an appointment last Friday and got one in less than 10 minutes. Tustin on 1st St near Sprouts. Moderna.
This is going to reduce booster uptake...

"Nightmare," Some planning to get new COVID-19 vaccine getting bills for nearly $200​

When Glen Cote of Acton drove to his appointment at CVS for the new COVID-19 vaccine, he was shocked to receive a text on his phone minutes before his appointment, letting him know that the vaccine would cost $190.99.

"Nightmare is the first word that comes to mind," he explained to WBZ-TV. Cote is covered by MassHealth, the state's program for Medicaid.

COVID-19 vaccines were free, covered by the federal government, until the Public Health Emergency ended earlier this year.