Any Ooni Owners Here?


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Just purchased an Ooni pizza oven during the 20% off sale.  Was wondering if there are any other owners on the forum.  Looking for suggestions on where to buy ingredients and if there are any local pizza shops that will just sell their dough.
I have an Ooni. I recommend making your own pizza dough:

It's easy and it tastes amazing. Same for pizza sauce: just get a can of good quality diced tomatoes, and sautee with garlic. Add salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.

There is a learning curve with the Ooni. I found it most difficult to slide the pizza off the peel cleanly. Using semolina is a good method but if you use too much, it can burn in the oven. I now toast my pizza dough for a minute or two in a cast-iron skillet just to get the bottom slightly cooked. I will then add the toppings on and then slide it into the Ooni. This allows for the pizza to slide off much easier.
I've heard that the pizza slide is the most difficult to get perfected.  I just bought a bread maker to help make the dough.  Trying to streamline this process as much as possible!
woodburyowner said:
Wow, Roma D'Italia raw dough is $8.50/lb.  TJ is $1.49.  This might be the highest margin item at Roma D'Italia! 

It costs a lot to have Mexican Italians rolling the dough  ;)