AAA Alternative


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Thanks for the suggestion.​

Have you ever tried using the towing benefit? If so, how do you rate your experience versus other alternatives?​

I have not tried the towing benefit with the credit card. I had to use AAA towing once over 15 years ago and luckily have not had to use towing since then

Hugo Township

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I think AAA is efficient and doesn't cost a lot of money. If you stay in hotels as frequently as I do, the membership even pays for itself.

Liar Loan

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Lots of credit cards offer it and so do many auto insurance plans (ask your broker). At the end of the day, it's just a form of insurance and if you can afford to pay out of pocket, which most people here on TI can, then it's pointless to pay for roadside assistance on an annual basis.

If you get stranded somewhere, look up an independent roadside assistance company on Yelp and give them a call. They will accept cash or card and in the long run you will come out ahead financially by avoiding an annual expense that doesn't pay for itself over time.