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To me this sounds like the name of a Transformer.  Not sure though if it would be an Autobot or Decepticon.

Omicron.... Roll out!

WHO skipped Nu and Xi to get to Omicron.

Nu was skipped so it wouldn't be confused with "new", which is understandable.

Supposedly, Xi was skipped to avoid "avoid stigmatizing a region", but we all know it's to avoid offending Xi Jinping.  ;D

Xi was skipped because it was already been used.  The original covid virus is called Xi Xi P Virus.  :)

Doesn't make a lick of sense, since they're not pronounced remotely the same. 

I’m a bit meh about the new variant.  Not that it isn’t concerning, but I pretty much assume it’s already out and global.  Britain, Germany, Amsterdam, Israel all have confirmed it’s there already. 

If we look at Michigan, it’s current spike is a bit abnormal compared to other States’ Delta surges.  Not in intensity, in reports that 25%-30% of the people in the hospital are vaccinated.  I wonder if they’ve been sequencing or just assuming it’s still delta.  This UofM graphic isn’t out of the ordinary for what I’ve seen with the current surge.

It’s too late on Omicron.  Containment isn’t an option.  We’re just going to need to buckle up, identify the rates like the graphic above and figure out how bad the exposure is for each group.


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