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Renewable diesel (different from biodiesel)
« on: January 20, 2022, 10:50:50 PM »
So I've been researching cars/truck etc and I noticed that diesels still have better fuel economy than their gas counterparts and even rivals Hybrids (the only reason I'm considering ICE is because there are no large EVs out yet).

I was at the Arco in Quail Hill and noticed that their diesel was something called R99 Renewable Diesel or Biomass Diesel.

After executing some Google-Fu, it turns out that Renewable Diesel is very interesting. It's made only from renewable sources like plant and animal fat and totally compatible with current diesel engines. It actually runs cleaner and has lower emissions than regular diesel and even biodiesel (basically a mix of bio and petroleum diesel).

Currently, most stations that provide it run the R99 flavor which incorporates 1% petroleum diesel due to some red tape but there are some 100% Renewable Diesel stations.

Does anyone else have a diesel vehicle and has tried Renewable Diesel?
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